If you build a meeting software without some sort of "waiting room" (or queue that I can sit in until the host opens the meeting), be prepared for me to blame you for *every time* I am late to a meeting.

I will murder every automated phone answering service that does not simply let me leave a voice mail.

Soliciting tech help (backup solutions) 

I'm looking to back up a running VPS regularly. I've seen tarsnap and I like the ideas well enough. Does anyone have any other solutions they like for this?

Currently not able to use a FS level backup (I'm on ext4), so I'll need to export my running databases prior to a backup.

uwu tang clan ain't nothin to fuck with.

Real parent hours: I'm about 10 plays of "Baby Beluga" from being ready to murder Raffi.

Losing access to your mobile device is suddenly a LOT more important when you're routing all of your 2FA requests through it.

I wonder what we can do to avoid this single point of failure. Hardware tokens come to mind, but that's a LOT of tokens if you're doing this right?

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Ah yes. The 18 month sleep regression. Could someone bring some coffee? 😴

If your IRB approved actually sending deceitful and harmful patches to a FOSS project, you might need a new review board...

Chauvin trial discussion 

Let's be clear though. This is not what makes it right. George Floyd is still dead and nothing makes that right. This is nothing more than thr bare minimum. We still need to rework how our criminal justice system works from scratch.

But at least it is a small step in the right direction.

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All your favorite economic or philosophical thinkers are dead. All of them died without enacting meaningful change. Become the new one. Subscribing wholly to an ideology as it stood 200 years ago is naive, but you should still read Marx, Kropotkin et al. Build on them rather than parrot them. Move forward.

Hot take: A Momentary Lapse of Reason is my favorite Pink Floyd record.

Katarina Kitty Cat has got to be the single worst TV character.

Honestly, If i can't opt out of your stupid fucking tracking cookie - I'm just closing the damn window.

Why is configuring Emacs and LSP so inconsistent? I feel like i have done this same dance a dozen times now.

So instead of buying a new house and then selling our current one, the market being so up right now means we have to sell with a lease back clause and then START looking for a house, since no one will accept offers with contingency clauses in them.

While this is fine (if frustrating, since we have seen so many good houses go already), i cant help but think of people in worse scenarios.

"The market provides" is horseshit. Can we all just live in communes pls?

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