I need to be in a mosh pit like I have never needed it before.

I slept on the last Slaves (US) album, "To Better Days". Gave it about 5 good listens when it dropped and it was good but didn't GRAB ME.

Well, it's doing that now. This album SLAPS. If you're a rock fan, do yourself a favor and give it a spin.

yooooo. Finally got my Emacs set up working through Nix + Home-manager.

Reproducibility is goooooo.

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It would make my life slightly more pleasant if the cryptocurrency kids would please stop telling everyone they're going to rescue society by removing the need for trust.

A society that isn't based on trust is not worth living in. Replacing trust with electricity consumption is always going to be a recipe for idiocy.

DnD/TTRPG Query Pt 2 

So far I'm considering Discord and a generic forum (FluxBB/phpBB). Neither feels good. Discord just leaves an icky taste in my mouth: Centralized, not self-hosted, not encrypted. But everyone pretty much has an account, it supports voice calls (so we can stop using zoom at least), it has rooms and basic replies.

Forums are the opposite largely. I love the idea of hosting my own, they'd be relatively secure and "secret" even if not fully encrypted. They lack any other functionality and people would need another login (and I'd need to configure email on my server to handle notifications, which is a HUGE downer on adoption for me personally)

DnD/TTRPG query 

Mastodon - I'm looking for some help. I am part of a large Westmarches-style DnD campaign. Part of the problem is that our PCs don't feel very connected to one another (there's ~16 of us) and we're having trouble doing that. Given the large number of players and restrictions on player and DM availability, it's difficult to interact meaningfully in the sessions (the party changes every week and we're limited on time during sessions). Do you have this problem? How do you/can we solve it?

Boosts 🆗

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How does one deal with being motivated to create but with ZERO energy at the end of the day?

Is this just...what it is like to have a 1.5 year old kid?

My new tent is here! Now to find a time to go out into the woods and use it.

Work complaints 

I *hate* that I'm downloading WebStorm to work on a JS project. But the infection is so deep on this team that I don't think I have much option at this point.

Okay - Is it just me or is the new show "The Equalizer" just "Black Person of Interest"?

Not that that's a bad thing - representation matters and fuck yeah Queen Latifah - It just seems like ore of the same.


Well, it is certainly looking like Tom Brady is getting another SuperBowl ring. God I wish someone could consistently beat him...

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the idea of 'borrowing' an e-book is so definitionally perverse I can't even describe it

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If you’re a developer in 2021 and you’re adding tracking devices from Google, Facebook, etc., to your sites and apps, the one thing you can’t do any longer is to feign innocence. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re complicit in perpetuating surveillance capitalism.

I'm on gemini now. No idea what benefit that'll provide, but I'm there.


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Elon Musk: we're gonna go to mars
programmers dealing with time zones: pls no

Just got a call from the "Police and Sherif Support Alliance" and I wanted to explain how much this man didn't understand me.

Instead, I just said "Absolutely not" and hung up.

I've just discovered the Melantronic playlist on Spotify and I've never felt more productive.

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