Why is configuring Emacs and LSP so inconsistent? I feel like i have done this same dance a dozen times now.

@BryanBennett also struggle with setting it up. It really is confusing with all the config which is required. I wish it would come with sane defaults, but I also don't like to use doom and space macs hmm.

@manu I've pared my config way back recently and had no problem with the other stuff I kept and I *do* largely think it has sane defaults (with the main problem being installing the actual language servers), but as soon as you try and enable a plugin for a server or something - you're in a land that has at least 2 different ways to set variables (see `(setq lsp-pyls-plugins-pyflakes-enabled nil)` vs `(lsp-register-custom-settings '(("pyls.plugins.pyls_black.enabled" t t)))`). This coupled with the inconsistent way the two ways are divided (why does `pyls-black` not have its own "wrapped" setter?) and the fact that it seems to change either before or after the documentation gets updated is absolutely MADDENING

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