Real parent hours: I'm about 10 plays of "Baby Beluga" from being ready to murder Raffi.

Losing access to your mobile device is suddenly a LOT more important when you're routing all of your 2FA requests through it.

I wonder what we can do to avoid this single point of failure. Hardware tokens come to mind, but that's a LOT of tokens if you're doing this right?

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Ah yes. The 18 month sleep regression. Could someone bring some coffee? 😴

@musicmatze I make light use of it. Its pretty good, overall. My biggest complaint is that the android app seems read-only, which is dumb for my use case, but I just login in my browser. The recipe extraction is impressive and has worked pretty well overall for all the sites I have thrown at it thus far.

If your IRB approved actually sending deceitful and harmful patches to a FOSS project, you might need a new review board...

Chauvin trial discussion 

Let's be clear though. This is not what makes it right. George Floyd is still dead and nothing makes that right. This is nothing more than thr bare minimum. We still need to rework how our criminal justice system works from scratch.

But at least it is a small step in the right direction.

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Here’s a free tech tip: if someone says “blockchain” run as fast as you can

All your favorite economic or philosophical thinkers are dead. All of them died without enacting meaningful change. Become the new one. Subscribing wholly to an ideology as it stood 200 years ago is naive, but you should still read Marx, Kropotkin et al. Build on them rather than parrot them. Move forward.

@arh I dont have an account there, but it looks like there was a problem loading the .so file for msgpack. I dont want to assune you have too much knowledge, so forgive me if this is too basic an overview.

.so files are "shared object" files. Similar to. Windows' dlls, if youre familiar with those. They are libraries that may be shared between installed programs. The environment these .so files live in must be precisely orchestrated so that they will continue to work and things can like against them. Typically, the package manager on a GNU+Linux machine will handle this song and dance for you. Something has gone wrong with this one and it is not properly loading on your system. A dependency may have updated in an incompatible way, the library itself may be built for a system other than the one it is currently running on, or any number of other small problems may be occurring. Either a reinstall (if installed from the package manager) or a rebuild and reinstall (if hand managed) would be a good thing to do to resolve this issue.

Hope this helps!

Hot take: A Momentary Lapse of Reason is my favorite Pink Floyd record.

Katarina Kitty Cat has got to be the single worst TV character.

Parenting, counseling 

@viv that is all we can work towards. I'm sure youre doing your best. It always helps me to remember that there is no one better to parent my child than me at my best. Maybe that mantra can help you too!

Parenting, counseling 

@viv glad youre getting help for everyone involved. Too often we, as parents, can blame the child for what is at least partially our failing. Hope it all works out!

Honestly, If i can't opt out of your stupid fucking tracking cookie - I'm just closing the damn window.

@manu I've pared my config way back recently and had no problem with the other stuff I kept and I *do* largely think it has sane defaults (with the main problem being installing the actual language servers), but as soon as you try and enable a plugin for a server or something - you're in a land that has at least 2 different ways to set variables (see `(setq lsp-pyls-plugins-pyflakes-enabled nil)` vs `(lsp-register-custom-settings '(("pyls.plugins.pyls_black.enabled" t t)))`). This coupled with the inconsistent way the two ways are divided (why does `pyls-black` not have its own "wrapped" setter?) and the fact that it seems to change either before or after the documentation gets updated is absolutely MADDENING

Why is configuring Emacs and LSP so inconsistent? I feel like i have done this same dance a dozen times now.

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