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During the 9 months or so of pregnancy, the doctors conveniently neglect to mention the back pain that is sure to ensue.

Sitting on my second ice pack of the day...and I'm the dad.

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'Science' is not neutral because 'science' is conducted by humans and humans have biases, period. The good thing about science is *not* that it's neutral but that it provides a mechanism for accountability.

As long as you have humans in the equation (and *yes*, that includes humans training AIs, motherfuckers), there *will* be bias. There *will* be narrative selection. And y'all should think a *lot* before unquestioningly using it to shut down trans and nb requests for inclusivity.

Why do customer support staff never believe me in our first interaction?

Me: "provides credentials do not allow login"
Them: "We sent credentials to your email. Please check your spam folder. Here's the contents:..."

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