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@craigmaloney Livestreams where I drink, whittle, and oscillate between workin class anarcho-syndicalist diatribes and half wrong renditions of Irish, Scottish, and french folk tunes?

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In case anybody needs it here is the link to the Plus or Minus Podcast archive. A podcast dedicated to the RPG.

howdy folks. Any interest in a about podcasts for and podcasters with zero interest in hustle culture, entrepreneur crap, and monetization? Like podcasts for people who are content for podcasters who are more interested in getting their message out there than becoming the next Joe Rogan.

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More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

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My mother, talking to my brothers GFs kid who just announced he wants to learn how to hack: "No you don't!"

Me bursting into the room: "HACK THE PLANET, HACK THE PLANET!"

Cussing NFT crap. 

I've been banging the Jimmy Fallon is crap drum since he started his career on SNL. He tells jokes like a 5 year old staring at the camera and giggling so hard he wets himself before stammering out "Orange you glad I didn't say bannana!". Fuck him and the bored monkey he rode in on!

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going to the mastodontist to get my toots straightened out

Still goofing around with wands for my daughters. I need to get some better wood and start trying my hand at spoons.

So are all podcasts about podcasting doomed to eventually spiral into the entrepreneur self-help shtick or just the ones I listen to? (well other than the feed).

"Are you into radical kindness"

I'm from a Quebecoise/Scotch-Irish family, is radical shame a thing?

Big budget action film about Cú Chulainn when?

So new schtic is as a browser for 1337 gamer doodZ tm?

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What strikes me about Robocop is how it was viewed and marketed after its release.

This is a film with no heroes, only abusers and victims. A man is tortured to death (in a truly harrowing and graphic sequence) and the remaining intact portions of his brain are stolen by billionaires and used to create a fascist weapon. This weapon then has to somehow regain its humanity when the only emotional tool available to it is violence.

America: Great, sounds like it'll make some cool kids' toys!

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Where is the sick as hell subculture of movie geeks/DJs producing modern music mixes to accompany silent films? I don't mean some of these small theaters that play the original soundtracks along with silent films, I mean like watching charlie chaplain with a modern DJ mix timed to fit the entire movie.

I mean nerds can make OCremix a thing so....

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Just bought absolutely no clue what im going to do with it....

Had to wait till 10AM for first breakfast. Nearly died!

The only good thing about NFTs is that they'll give pog collectors someone to laugh at in ~10 years.

Did some whittling. It was just some silly wands for my daughters so i could practice some cuts. I learned one important thing, im gonna need to get some thumb guards and a better knife. My grafting knife wasn't great for it and I chafed the heck out of my thumbs.

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