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If i just followed you its probably because you post about RPGs. Just trying to beef up my RPG timeline.

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In case anybody needs it here is the link to the Plus or Minus Podcast archive. A podcast dedicated to the RPG.

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in dystopian tech news, Texan utilities which are poorly managed and not reliable remotely lowered people's temperature of their AC, and Peleton exercise bikes were remotely disabled (or just a feature?) unless you pay $40/month because they injured people including killing a child.

So basically, "smart" just means products and services you pay for are remotely controlled by entities that don't have your best interest in mind because those entities created faulty products or poorly run services.

My next character is going to be a twitch streaming rigger.

"Yo yo its ya BOY! Comin at you live and direct, DREK!" <mowed down by security guards>.

Am I missing something? I'm poking around the Roleplaying in slipcover set and i don't see any clear guidelines for NPCs. It would be nice to have some basic stat blocks for a band of hunters or soldiers instead of having to generate 10 or so adventurers every time.


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Since this did such numbers on birdsite:

Five or so years ago I was working on the BBC's developer portal at and I was asked to replace the terrible fake code on the laptop screen in the stock photo. As an easter egg, if you click on the laptop screen then you can change it too.

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So here are the Dice Rollers (sorry I was wrong, it's actually Roller not Spiller) in action!

They are connectable to each other. You can select from 5 different types (D6, D10, etc.) and 7 color variations!

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Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy (Bizarre Developments/Alternative Software, 1995) #DOSGaming

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Government: Drugs are so bad we have to kill or imprison you for life for using them!
Everyone: <does drugs, nothing bad happens mostly>
Government: Why doesn't anyone believe anything we say?!

Too bad Kevin Sorbo is such a twat. I was looking forward to Streetwise Hercules! The sequel to legendary journey where Hercules has to travel to present day... something something. Remember when they pulled that crap with everything in the 90s? Bonnie Tyler has already made the theme song!

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game designer passing, birdsite link 

Just heard about the passing of Andrew Hackard (the "Munchkin Tzar"). Saddened to hear about this. Sending love to the friends, family, and Munchkin community writ large. He will definitely be missed.

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You still have 8 days to get this incredible collection of romantic tabletop games. Get yourself some summer lovin'!

Chubby Thor is still my favorite MCU character.

Weekend glorantha need to be a thing where i live. Erect a bronze age city state in the middle of the desert, then get a bunch of guys in beatup old mascot costumes to lay seige and we wallop each other with beanbag spells.

So i picked up the newish slipcover set and the pdf. Still skimming, both systems seem interesting. Looking through them and some of my old DTRPG purchases I think I've sorted through my confusion.

Basically i stumbled into it during the Nongoose Runequest II era. So i picked up a settingless rulebook and a setting book set in a different era from most the other runequest material.

Even though my tastes tend more towards SciFi RPGs these days my GF is more interested in fantasy so hopefully we can get some 1-on-1 gaming on soon...

Its a statement piece, it says "Why yes I do have strong opinions about ".

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Installed the DTRPG Library tool and downloaded everything I have on there... holy crap do I impulse buy. Lucky me I just got Fiber to the House.

Bullet shaped dice 

One of the exceptions to my no-tumblers rule with . These are just begging for a clever 6-shooter mechanic in a Western RPG, but inspiration hasn't struck.

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