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In case anybody needs it here is the link to the Plus or Minus Podcast archive. A podcast dedicated to the RPG.

Were you saying Boo or Boo-urns?

Additional support needed: A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

The council have pushed their deadline back to the 5th now, too. They *might* cover the worse of the rotten flooring, but not replace it.
Thanks for the donations so far, I forwarded it over yesterday but a lot more is needed. I've doubled the donations from the past few days too but that's all I can spare.
If you can help donating anything at all please please please DM me for PayPal/bank transfer details ❤️

Let's clear this up RIGHT NOW

Candy Corn is fucking great so you can all FUCK OFF

Guy: <buys network radio>
Ham: thats not a "real" radio.
Guy: <closes Zello, opens EchoLink>
Ham: touché

If I were musically inclined I'd start a country-techno-jazz fusion band named "Sex Barn" that is all.

if anyone else using an intel CPU just had their computer restart with no warning and for no reason, this thread is helpful

Crappy plumbing and crappy carpentry today. Im on a roll.

money begposting for non-essential goods | help me buy an amateur radio 

I've been getting into amateur radio for a while, if you haven't noticed, and I'd like to step up from my basic handheld radio, into a nicer mobile radio that will be good enough that I won't have to worry about upgrading it, and it'll do everything I'll need it to do for the foreseeable future.

However, the specific one I've picked out Is just shy of $300, which I'm not able to procure right now. Which would be fine, I'd be perfectly happy to wait until I had that money saved up, except that with the ongoing logistics struggles that have been happening in the United States, I'm not sure that it will even be possible to obtain the radio I want to get before logistics failures mean that it won't even be available in the united states, or possible to ship to me. I've been watching as the radio goes out of stock from a supplier city by city, and it's currently only available from Milwaukee, out of what I'd seen as previously available from 6 different cities. if the industry predictions I've been reading are true, it's possible that shipping logistics will take more than 2 years to return to anything resembling pre-pandemic levels.

If you've got the money, and would like to help contribute to me being able to further develop my radio operator skills in this hobby, I'd really appreciate some money being sent my way to be able to get this radio.

but also, I'm fully aware that this is pretty low on the list of essential needs

And for anyone curious which radio specifically I'm looking at getting, it's this one:

Ko-fi page:

squarecash/cashapp: $scree

I'm officially in the "I don't know how to make this damn thing work, but i know how to make it fly into the fraggin garbage" stage of Ender 3D ownership.

Because of their automatic breaking system, it is both safe and fun to cut off teslas

Got the Ender 3 Pro yesterday, assembled it today, i should have it rage smashed by Tuesday!

Just saw in the news Kent Hovind is back behind bars. Since it's assault this time I wonder what the conspiracy will be.

They are using memes as arguments in the senate and house...

Burn it to the ground and give everything back to the tribes. I'll take my chances as a citizen of the Tejon or whatever.....

Me, waking up today: "I'm gonna fix the Kickstarter video script, then make some DNSSEC words!"
<gets to office, spends six hours writing 2,000 words of blog post guaranteed to piss off certain folks> :flan_reaper::flan_stick:

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