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A bunch of Hachette employees are refusing to work on Wingardium TransphoBIa's new kids book now. Hachette claims that this is against free speech and trying to force them to do so anyway

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Correct pronoun usage isn't a treat you throw to trans people when we're good

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Jeez, there are too many hotspots for hams. I mean, choice is good, but there is a certain point where information overload kicks inn and you just don't bother.

They're pricey too…

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I dunno who invented being awake but I hope they regretted it
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#Mastodon really is an /absolute blessing/ for me.

Being able to respond to things when I can.

To walk away from the computer for a bit without anyone wondering where I suddenly went.

To stop, think, formulate replies with no Social Time Limit – no "think fast, come up with something, now, now – too late, now everyone's wondering why you haven't said anything".

Email does this too. But email's... /intimidating/. Letters weren't designed for informal conversation.


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c++ was a mistake

your jni extensions should be in rust no excuses

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dropping cloves of garlic down my air vent in hopes it'll make my room smell better

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For two years the police budget was flatlined. No cuts, just no new spending. In response, TPS stopped enforcing any traffic laws.

Traffic duty is punishment for them. It means you don't get to be out on minority hunting duty.

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long post, UNIX meme 

worse is better
- does everything in sh or C99
- deraadt@ was right
- loathes DEs
- doesn't have a mouse
- exclusively uses the ISC license

low-energy debianite
- doesn't code
- uses GNOME
- knows how to use the terminal, avoids it anyway
- no idea how the debian foundation works
- not really interested in open source

- thinks (A)GPL is anti-corporate
- social democrat
- either an extremely competent programmer or an absolutely abysmal one

GNU evangelist
- insists GNU programs are well-designed
- does everything in emacs
- aware debian is a bureaucracy, doesn't seem to think that's a problem
- rms defender

- dual-boots with windows
- gamer
- does everything in chrome
- allergic to the terminal
- likely to turn into another type

manjaro user
- fresh off ubuntu or macos
- furry
- unsure why they're unhappy with their setup
- will suffer a bizarre crash and switch to another type

arch adherent
- doesn't understand arch is a disaster waiting to happen
- thinks arch is simple
- likes the AUR
- has never compiled something in their life

void burnout
- tried most of the popular distros, dislikes them for various reasons
- just thinks void linux is the "least bad"
- gamer but won't admit it
- doesn't tinker as much as they claim to
- dislikes source-based distros

eclectic gentoo user
- constantly tinkering
- wishes emerge wasn't in python
- max LTO config
- doesn't talk about their setup
- generally pleasant

mac user
- 10 minutes from putting freebsd on their laptop
- mostly uses open-source programs
- trying their hardest
- maintains a couple personal open-source projects

- 9front
- gopher protocol
- too smart for their own good
- runs several servers in their free time

- spends 10 hours automating for a 2-hour timesave
- never not logged into lobste.rs
- seemingly has a CI workflow for everything they do
- sentenced to the lowest circle of hell

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Trying to understand masto drama 

Can anybody explain to me what exactly happened with witches.live? Like, I've heard vaguely ~~bad things~~ about Anna, and I was on here before things blew up, but I was gone for a while and now all I read are oblique references and continuing fallout.

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always remember to water your air conditioner guise!

(no seriously if you have a window unit, might want to toss some water in the back or slowly add it through the front, it works more efficiently with water in the bottom tray!)

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in the 2024 election we'll be voting for presidential candidates based on how cute their fursonas are

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To get the most of your Fursona™, you will need to purchase a Fursona™ Registry License code.

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yayyyyyy my black leggings came

except... they look awful with boxers on, and super revealing with no underwear... time to order underwear that i can actually wear with leggings too i guess!

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