is there like a private torrent tracker for punk stuff???? i can has invite pl0x???????

boosts good so i can find one!!!

Hey angry internet, did you see the way GameStop is endangering their employees for bullshit today?

Do your thing, denizens of the fediverse!

question about usps 

it's not a real unix forum if <70% of the links are broken

virus stuff 

I wrote my first #irc bot today. It announces #asterisk conference joins.

During the panic about the Coronavirus it seems the UK is trying to force social media companies to “pre-screen” all content, which anyone who knows about technology can tell you this is impossible, and the US is working to ban encryption

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence they chose to do this now of all times and it’s worrying they might be able to do this

if youre gonna send a pgp-encrypted message without a meaningful subject, please at least use "Encrypted message" so i dont have to look at blank lines and "..." and all this other meaningless shit

My logs indicate that China is recovering from #covid19. The ssh password guessers are coming back and making up new imaginary friends again after a hiatus of surprisingly many days.

hehe my school is cancelled due to coronavirus


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