I take pleasure in the fact that Trip Tucker died several times over the course of Enterprise. They cloned him just so they could kill him more.

Just saw the new CATS character designs. Call it horrifying all you want. Say it's a crime against nature and good taste. There are still people who will react like this to cgi catpeople

@laser @Pixley "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least admire your synthesis of theory and praxis" - Red Guard Green

Changing my work password to a passive-agressive message about password policy

If I were Sisyphus I would simply not let the rock fall down the hill after pushing it up.

Pretty simple when you think about it.

Wow, just got an urgent email from the founder of the company I work at. He's in a meeting and can't talk so I should just reply to the email.

I had no idea he even had a cellphone, having been dead for 30 years and all.

The American Sengoku period, sometimes called the American Civil War

Constructing the perfect poor person who has good politics but in a cruel twist of fate must buy a 5 in 1 skymall kitchen application for 15%off from Amazon for Self Care Reasons

Slans vs Stans. Who is the more oppressed class?

In American science fiction fandom, the slogan "Fans are slans" quickly developed, analogizing the perceived greater intelligence and imaginative capability of science fiction fans with the superior abilities of slans in the novel, and their harassment by non-fans to the persecution of slans in the novel.

Dr Stone is a manga about the reclamation of a new world in which the opposing forces of "guy who read i fucking love science every day" and "guy who does threads about stories he misremembered" against "third world maoist who did aikido in middle school" duke it out

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