You ever just want to explore gender in a wider way and realise your circle of friends are awesome enough that they'd supportively let you do that

Good shit

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I still enjoy when people say something can't be translated, and then proceed to translate it.

It's never like, Japanese doesn't
really have a word for "have", it has the words "exist" and "carry", which can be used to bring the same meaning. Finnish and Welsh also don't have words for "have". You can translate but it can be tricky.

It's always like "word X isn't in our language, it means Y" and like. You
just translated it

The longer this quarantine goes on, the more i shall dress like a hobbit. Suspenders, vests, I've added a cloak.

Time to make some stew and get mad if there are any callers at the door.

Animal Crossing mod idea: Oops, All Tarantulas

Tarantulas in the daytime
Tarantulas dropping out of trees
Digging a hole? Tarantula pops out.
Shoot down a balloon? Tarantulas.

Dank Shawn, a really famous weed dealer in Germany

Everybody's posting their beautiful thematic houses with amazing art and good layouts. Meanwhile I'm like

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Pompallet is long at the front and long at the back. (But short in the middle)

Mulladour is short at the front, short at the back. (Basically a buzz cut)

I followed garf for the quality medieval dick and balls posts backed up by research and with bibliographies

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Just finished half of the cover I'm doing on my newly half-clocked Game Boy, so why not post it for my fellow night owls on #MastoMonday?

#Chiptune #GameBoy #Music #WIP

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in light of recent events i have decided to cancel my new years resolutions in favor of becoming a formless void that is slowly forgotten by everyone and thus gracefully fading out of existence

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people who spent all their time and bells upgrading to the biggest house right away are like #animalcrossing #acnh

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Republic just dropped its documentary on Prince Charles' corruption, unearthing how he uses his financial and political power to influence public policy.

What a tops thing to be released while the bastard is incapacitated :')

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