"Sheets and underwear are bourgeois excess"


"Personal hygiene is authoritarian"

Meng Wanzhou has been freed by Canadian authorities and has flown home to China. I think after this three year international relations disaster we have all learned a lesson. Fucked if I know what that lesson is.

My new theory is that the human population bottleneck event, when all but a couple thousand humans died, is related to the loss of the baculum and happened immediately after humans realized they could remove rivals by punching them in the dick, breaking the baculum.

"So there's this monster and the central conceit is that they don't move when you're looking but are extremely fast when you aren't looking. The cool thing is that this includes the audience! When they are looking, they don't move, but they move between camera shots! So cool!"

"How about in the next episode to have them we show them move in a really creaky and unconvincing way so that they are obviously people in rubber suits?"

"Oh fuck yeah do it. Ruin this shit, I don't give a fuck."

which was the bigger waste of a character? The space elf in Picard, or Clara in Doctor Who?

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The only guy cooler than Johnny The Blade in this town is Dirk Two-Blades

The Joker's favourite ride at Disney is Mr. Toad's Normal Ride

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"Sure the connection is good. Just 15kOhms resistance"


I really need to update my resume and apply to these two jobs before the end of the week

Creating a directed weapon that causes mild illness in agents of empire that is indistinguishable from stress and psychosomatic symptoms of the weight of cognitive dissonance

New research points to Havana syndrome being caused by ligma

Tonight's election looks set to end with a resounding and definitive "what the fuck did we even do this for?"

Canada's Liberal party is engaged in a multi-decade psy-op to burn out any hope people have for effecting change through electoralism

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There was an officer of the Baltimore PD who was going to testify against a fellow officer in professing the innocence of Keith Davis Jr, and the night before he was set to appear before the grand jury he was assigned to night patrol with a completely new partner and on a routine call wound up shot in the back of the head and the partner didn't see who did it.

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