pagliacci: i am depressed

doctor: you should go and see pagliacci

pagliacci: but doctor, i am pagliacci

doctor: no i'm referring you to dr pagliacci, a psychiatrist colleague of mine who happens to have the same surname as you.

Urgh, planning a trip with friends and the core group are great. Everybody emphatically wants everybody else to be there. But there is discussion of I voting more peripheral friends and I just want to be comfy with my group.

Documentation on this teensy project is less than ideal. The program calls on pins that don't exist on the board, and have never existed as far as I can find. How did this ever work for the project creator?

I have decided to stop caring about Star Wars and get really into arguing about consistency, canon and expanded universe controversies in the Matter of France.

Gonna get real mad online about which tale of Orlando is canon.

Gonna become the Diogenes of computer science. Gonna make everyone real mad when I deny the existence of zero and therefore half of all computer programs.

getting hit in the head with a frying pan and it makes a big doing sound - the warrior's death

You are now hyperaware of your blinks.

A friend is building a lizard army for Warhammer Fantasy. I thought this priestess mini looked familiar.


don't be an unpaid employee of the US state department,

consider the potential positive and negative impacts of your criticism

One of my favorite things about vaporwave as a musical genre is how aggressively some artists work at destroying the idea of music-as-branding-exercise.

Take, for example, the boldness of deciding your artist name for a release is going to be "it is 2028 & my sister just gave me her 1.5TB of vaporwave"

Track 3 is called "V:\Album Directory\Labels\Vaporwave\2010s\Business Casual"

It's also PWYW and the label will sell you 800+ albums for less than $2.

me: have I told you about my theory that heaven is exclusively populated by great apes because they were also made in god's image but were not born with original sin?

a cop: we meant a statement about all the crimes you committed

The first rule of shitposting is: never fall in love

In all of this, one thing I know is that having grown up in a culture that had people drawn and quartered in the public square for 250 years after the fall of Tenochtitlan, and that pursued an open and calculated policy of genocide for another 250 years after that, I've got very little to say about the religious practices of the Aztec.

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