Cruel Angel's Thesis -> Kind Devil's Antithesis -> Awkward Human's Synthesis

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I am the conqueror of îton Tongsclash, once revered by those who didn't know any better!

— Mörul Fathbesmar, Trapper

I use Linux for the simplicity. One text editor invented a whole dialect of lisp for configuration files and the other one when you press A it does something other than put an A on the screen. Simple.

The lesson here is never try to categorize things

I played something like 30 hours of Breath of the Wild over the long weekend. It was glorious

Back in my childhood there was a traditional event at the county agricultural exhibition called mutton busting where they took kids 5-8 years old and slapped a hockey helmet on them and then set them on a sheep and said hold on tight. The sheep then ran across the arena trying to dump the child who held on to the wool for dear life.

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Never before have I learned so much about the Woman Surfing emoji against my wishes

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Killing one billionaire would do more for the environment than thousands of workers reducing their waste

Lyra has a new spot to sit where she can keep an eye on me and also be cute

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How am I supposed to do things today when Lyra is so cute?

Imagine a world where I felt comfortable in my own skin more than 40% of the time.

Such luxury that would be

Lyra knocked a glass bowl off the counter trying to steal chicken I was throwing out. She's on timeout in the bedroom while I sweep up the pieces

Little do they know, I've got my own plans. Plans that don't involve this council of shadowy figures at all!

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