Everyone hates Blood Pipe. The pipe that spews blood into the ocean.

Image cw: a pipe spewing blood and effluent into the ocean

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Super cool that sometimes the bus just doesn't arrive. Injects a little mystery into the commute. Love that.

There are two digital clocks at this bus terminal and they show times five minutes apart. How even

Somewhat dismayed that it seems my only choices for architecture to stan these days are "windowless brutalism" and "solid glass prism"

Surely there are some other ways to design buildings?

Stayed home sick yesterday, so I got high, cooked way too much chicken, and also ate cookie dough right out of the bowl.

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<dril voice>

Pedestrians: $5
Cyclists: $10
Cars: $80000000000
Busses: $20

Can someone help me work out this <transport budget> please my town is dying
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YuGiOh posting 

Amazing the transition that happens when owning a cat.

Going from "Oh she would hate that 😦 " to "Oh she would hate that 😈 "

Do you think the Romans said badda bing?

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So the US has a Thanksgiving too? And it's in a different month? Well good for them.

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