The number of Spiders-man per Spider-man film has been steadily climbing for years now

I want to see my friends. I'm lonely.

— Deduk Tathurtosid, Herbalist

At last our long national nightmare is over. Of course your personal nightmares will continue for the foreseeable future.

Ooh pretty. Just gotta replace the internal NiCd (yay cadmium!) and it'll be in perfect condition!

The definitive Star Wars watch order is:

Rogue One
Attack of the Clones
Holiday Special
Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure
Phantom Menace
Rise of Skywalker
Star Trek Into Darkness
Empire Strikes Back
Revenge of the Sith
Ewoks Battle for Endor
Return of the Jedi

In the morning we ruled by breakfast power, the afternoon by dinner power. Here, in the evening? We need dessert power.

I once read a short story about members of the "Soviet Union Online", an internet-based resurrection of the USSR, stealing decommissioned Soviet spacecraft to escape to a forgotten Soviet Mars base

Big fan of the song genre "guy sings about how sad he is about a breakup then the girl has a verse about how actually the relationship was extremely bad, please stop"

Bruce Banner's first scene in the Avengers is really good. I want more of that Bruce. So in control of himself that he freaks others out, prodding them to see what they do under stress

The Witcher explores a whimsical fantasy world where Europeans are genocidal colonizers

Scott Pilgrim is unfortunately just a well documented type of Toronto guy, and the worst thing that series did was convince those guys they were main characters

Quick, we need a synonym for imitation chicken that we can trademark.

I've got it

howl's moving castle is just what if baba yaga was a twink send toot

ume is intensely observing the rain, making sure no funny business is going on

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