Remember that time DMX won the auction to box with that murderous neighbourhood watch guy and said he was going to break every rule of boxing, kick his ass, then piss on his face? So then the murderous neighbourhood watch guy backed out

I miss having ducks. Just seeing them waddling around, eating slugs in the garden was great.

I also miss having a garden.

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when people talk about the DPRK getting nukes to defend itself, remember this history. and then maybe ask yourself why they'd want to defend themselves from America

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"posthumously published in 1964, MacArthur said,

"Of all the campaigns of my life, 20 major ones to be exact, [Korea was] the one I felt most sure of was the one I was deprived of waging. I could have won the war in Korea in a maximum of 10 days.... I would have dropped between 30 and 50 atomic bombs on his air bases and other depots strung across the neck of Manchuria.... It was my plan as our amphibious forces moved south to spread behind us—from the Sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea—a belt of radioactive cobalt. It could have been spread from wagons, carts, trucks and planes.... For at least 60 years there could have been no land invasion of Korea from the north. The enemy could not have marched across that radiated belt."

normal country

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"On 24 December 1950, MacArthur submitted a list of "retardation targets" in Korea, Manchuria and other parts of China, for which 34 atomic bombs would be required. In June 1950, Louis Johnson released a study on the potential uses of radioactive agents. According to Major General Courtney Whitney, MacArthur considered the possibility of using radioactive wastes to seal off North Korea in December 1950"

their plan was literally to terror bomb civilians with nukes and irradiate the homes of millions as an area denial weapon. this would have been arguably one of the single most destructive acts of all time ever if it had been carried out, and the US heavily considered this idea. this being only 5 years after they had already nuked 2 other civilian population centres

How long until Crab Rave gets banned for being hate speech (racist against dead ghoulish conservatives)

Preparing for a tabletop campaign and I don't think I can pretend to have a gender in this one. Not enough spare brainpower to do it in real life and in game.

🦀 🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀

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the monads tankies are making fun of prince philip's death now.... this is reprehensible. i'll be glad to see them finally cancelled for this. sick

Reports that when Phillip died a massive lightning bolt projected from his body and destroyed the British fleet just like when Palpatine died in that one Star Wars movie

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Wendy Carlos, early prolific synth centric score producer and personal trans hero talking about her Moog Modular for nearly 4 minutes.

Your welcome:

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is not only an Isekai, it shares shitty politics with most Isekai.

Same for that movie A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court.

Lyra is supporting me through this difficult time

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:bing: how to defederate from monads non us state departmently

Limsa Lominsa? The spell from Harry Potter?

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painful to watch liberals say shit like "they should not have taken a foolish home loan if they didn't want the bank to foreclose on their home" in the same breath the government did the exact opposite and helped out the banks that approved those shitty loans in the first place

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