I can't read Dankwraith without mentally inserting a DJ before it. It's just a very DJ name.

Sound mixing on Android is a fucking travesty. Music goes to 1% volume, notification sound plays, 3 seconds of silence, music returns.

The year is 2035, the number one single is a soulful acoustic rendition of Hit or Miss

Doctor Rocktopus, the guitar-shredding supervillain

GrubHub: a GitHub for bootloaders. Only bootloaders.

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Vlad Dracula after he's settled down and doesn't party anymore.

Tame Impaler

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Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill is named after its founders, Quick Draw McGraw and a hill

My new milk jug comes with a bag cutter built in. Truly this is the future.

Be on guard for the cryptocentrist threat




Please, Mr. Bombastic is my father. Call me Totally Fantastic.

Going to make an account on goodchristian.website and try to post a sentence where every word gets censored.

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Hello Thought Leader, I'm going into discourse and need your hottest takes.

My takes are too hot for you traveller.

Thought Leader, I tell you I am going into battle, and I want only your hottest takes.

You can't handle my takes. They're too hot for you.

Thought Leader enough of these games. I'm going into battle and I need your hottest takes.

My hottest takes would kill you, traveler. You can't handle my hottest takes. You'd better go to an influencer that sells cooler takes.

"...socially prescribed perfectionism is the most debilitating of the three dimensions of perfectionism,” Curran and Hall contend. It describes the feeling of paranoia and anxiety engendered by the persistent — and not entirely unfounded — sensation that everyone is waiting for you to make a mistake so they can write you off forever."

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