Assuming good will on the part of other people makes navigating social situations so much less stressful. Sometimes I have to take a moment to recenter myself and reaffirm that sometimes people are forgetful and bad at replying to messages. It almost always turns out to be that.

Buying a bunch of leftist literature off Amazon, as a bit

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Castlevania and What We Do In The Shadows are the same exact thing just one plays it straight and the other doesn't

British shopping list:

☑️ Skimmed milk
☑️ Hammed burgers
🔲 Spotted dick
🔲 Yorkshired pudding

Mastodon accused of drinkos peepee, and many blame its creator

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as our sexual congress concludes, i look my partner dead in the eye and announce: gg, wp

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as promised i will now proceed to live-translate all classical mentions i can find of #diogenes of sinope masturbating in public. be patient with this thread #latin #greek @Dayglochainsaw @byttyrs @sagebrush (whoops tagged the totally wrong people in the previous toot)

I don't have a crush on her. She's just someone I like and think about a lot and when we talk the day is better.

Forget that I have previously said I have a crush on her. That was before we both got into disastrous relationships with other people.

I just want to hang out with her always and talk about whatever.

The polite yet firm way Janet in the Good Place says "I am not a girl" every time people try to assign gender

Chozo tech? Pssshhht, more like BOZO tech!

This post made by space pirate crew

George Costanza & Jerry Seinfeld : Mario & Luigi
Newman & Kramer : Wario & Waluigi

This image caused me to look at my hands in horror as they turned to dust and blew away

if you ever find yourself being pursued by Richard Stallman, demand the emacs source code. he is required by the GNU general public license to recite it in full before continuing with whatever he was doing. Use this time to escape.

I don't know many other asexual people (though I have suspicions about one friend) and it's a wild world from this side. The things people do in pursuit of sex are just so inexplicable. Like they throw their brains out.

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