Brutalist design through its massive use of concrete is probably the most carbon intensive way to build anything. Concrete manufacturing is one of the biggest emitters of carbon.

So it's not only making an ugly building, it's killing the planet more to do it.

*being beaten to death by a Catholic priest with an incense holder*

"Help help I'm being censered!"

Imagine not being able to recall the number of times you did blackface

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Is a pregnant human a mech? the instance for people who can't stop using ellipses in their writing

Dipping my waffle in milk while taking a big swig of maple syrup

Queering capitalism by exploiting the labour of all sexualities and identities

Having a normal one here in Canada.

And by normal I mean our leader is a corrupt racist and the nearest challenger is a racist homophobe who is also corrupt.

Is a pregnant human a mech?

Got in an accident on my motorcycle on the highway on the way to work. Mild fender bender, laid the bike down on my leg and slid a couple feet.

Picked the bike up, exchanged numbers with the guy I hit (I was merging, he hit the brakes. I wasn't following far enough back) then adrenaline got me the rest of the way to the office.

My mind knows everything is fine and the danger is over, but my body is freaking out. Plus my knee is stiffening up.

Called my doctor's office, they said go to emerg to get the leg checked out. So I guess I'll do that.

Dude, you just you just awoke class consciousness among the proletariat! You're going to have a revolution!

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I love this picture because it was clearly made by someone who was, for some reason, really like, salty about the design of the DS and it having more than one screen xux ;

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@Tel Hasbro turning a dial labelled “stand-up comedian 'humor'” all the way to the right while keeping their back turned to the screaming audience

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Say what you will about Bush. Go on. Say it. I don't give a fuck, I'm not even american.

This video claims to lack context but it is exactly how I remember Voyager.

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