@er1n @Tel tbh I didn't know whether I wanted it to be real or fake

but then I'm cynical enough about humanity to know someone will drink it, so...
@Tel Too many years of advertisement, if this is even real. :oh_no_bubble:

Like, I've seen trans people.
I have seen homosexual men and women.

This faggotry, however... that is something completely new.

@anna @Tel Oh shit you right, I should.

Or nah, block me, cunt.

@m4iler @anna @Tel I can't believe we evolve to this (bath water shit, not the sexual preference)

@year_2038 @m4iler@infosec.exchange @Tel gamer girl pee is already a """"meme""""

This story happened in Montville, ME. I lived in that county and the next for 19 years and probably drove from Liberty to Freedom and back a couple dozen times, a few times on bicycle, without noticing a town there

I don't know why they took him to a place in Florida instead of PBMC... 😎

@Tel at least a candidate to darwin awards if he was dead hahahaa

@Tel Selling dirty bath water is idiotic. It better come with a legal disclaimer and warning label or someone could easily stage a fake illness and sue
@Tel unfortunately the third picture is false
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