@BalooUriza @extinct ah, you're looking for the full five-pocket jeyboard, not the fashion jeyboard

@Tel Whoa! Who's even /making/ all the jeans stuff? First jishes (jean dishes), and now this...

@lizzubee @Tel idk that's fucking awesome, now i can wipe my nacho-powedered hands against the keyboard case, not my pants/myself

nice did you wash it once a week? 😂

@Tel i need you to tell me that you do not own this

it’s for my own sanity

I prefer "jeaboard", because while ea and ey represent the same sound, ea is more intuitive.

@Tel Dammit, if you hadn't posted this I would never have known that I want it badly

@kistaro @Tel @AndiBumble I'm making little grabby fingers at the screen. it makes it hard to type. (yes want)

@Tel gargamel how to delete someone else's post

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