How am I expected to work under these conditions?

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@BalooUriza @Tel Actually itโ€™s 40%. I didnโ€™t need more even before I got such keyboard.


I simulated this on software level.

I mean have you seen the area of responsibility for the right pinkie on a regular qwerty keyboard? This design from 19th century is insanity, itโ€™s not for humans. And controls are the worst for 10 fingers typing. Reminds me of this:

@unclechu @Tel I am but I'm personally not a fan of ortholinear or squished keyboards, preferring the closest I can get to a traditional 104 key US English I can get in the space available. Nearly 4 decades of muscle memory.

@BalooUriza @Tel 4 decades, thatโ€™s much. I only wonder how old are you (if that was literal)? Anyway, I was living with regular qwerty keyboards since I was a child, and the more time I had to spend with them the more I hated them. When you work all day in front of it you start to notice all the details of its imperfection that at some point starts to feel like demonic ugliness. That someone who designed it only wanted to hurt you, to give you pain. Iโ€™m happy that Iโ€™m done with this nightmare.

@BalooUriza @Tel By the way, during these decades, did you have CTS/RSI symptoms? How many hours a day you spend in front of PC and how much you type?

@unclechu @Tel I've had RSIs before but usually when I've been working in a call center on low-travel keyboards like the crap Dell was putting out for most of the 2000s.

@unclechu @Tel The funny thing is they got Chicony of all people to clone a 104-key keyboard from IBM to brand as a WYSE board they sold with X terminals for a while, like up until a couple years ago even, and *those* are solidly acceptable boards. Good feel, decent layout, nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about.

@unclechu @Tel I work in IT and do a stupid amount of mapping in OSM, so days there's nothing going on and everything's going well around the house, I might go almost every waking moment at the keyboard.

@Tel this is textbook case of cat-in-middle security attack!

@Tel Every cat who let me live in her home suffered from keyboard-envy. Lucky if she doesn't mark it as *her* territory .... like all mine did ...๐Ÿ˜ญ

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