My gender is [empty parking lot at 4am on your way home from a party] or maybe [going to bed early at the height of summer while the last vestiges of the day are still peeking over the edges of the valley even at 10:30, splashing the western sky with a blue fringe]

@Aleums down in the lab synthesizing vibes unknown to science

Just remembered that baby sharks are called pups. Sea puppies

@melissasage look, if sharks exploited a glitch to get infinite bones we have to accept that. once you start banning glitches it opens a can of worms with no end

@melissasage what about teeth? Pretty bonelike and they stick out from the inside

anybody heard of this George Clanton fella? Pretty good music

Hello!!!!!!!! Plasma Cutter LP2 preorder links are finally here!!!!!!!! and wow!!!! a MUSIC VIDEO???

Tell your friends!!!!!!! Tell your dog!!!!!!

@hyperlink why... why is he at another restaurant?

Is Quiznos owned by the same corporation as Chuck E. Cheese?

If Concept Unification 1 is so good, why isn't there a Concept Unification 2?

the alternate universe where software is fine

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911 operator is an amazing speculative sci-fi game that explores a fictional world where cops do their job

The commissar is not there for punishment, but to aid in explaining the theory that all party members should study. Perhaps a better term is facilitator.

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