The Mandalorian episode 1: I liked it. It's not burdened by the expectation that the movies are, so they just throw stuff in there.

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inventing a time machine so i can go back and be the director of game of thrones. three episodes in everyone's dead and the next seven seasons are just melancholy shots of abandoned villages and of deer wandering through city streets. maybe a dragon flies by once. it's still a hit though and i make a billion dollars and use it to institute socialism immediately.

poker man sword and shield leeks 

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@CornishRepublicanArmy I'm very lucky in that my friends are almost all in to tabletop so I don't have to take a chance on randos at the game store

@CornishRepublicanArmy being a DM is great, very rewarding with a good group

@Aleums @dankwraith but you don't need to ignore the gerudo voe/vai thing. They react entirely to presentation. You can change clothes in front of them and they will immediately change pronouns.

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wow that is probably the best fedora I've ever listened to.

Oatmeal whips because when it dries out it turns into concrete so you know that shit's good for your insides

The thing about new sonic is that gremlin sonic made such an impression that now this one looks weird


Denial -> caveats -> denial -> acceptance

Freaky Friday but it's a twink and a bear and they both discover that life isn't so simple no matter what you are

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