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I ran out of my meds for the first time last Monday. No refills. As if someone with ADHD would be proactive in setting up an appt. ahead of time. I called that day and the earliest appt I could get was the next Tuesday. I luckily had a few left over lower dose that lasted till Saturday. I slept through Sunday. Yesterday was hell. It is sooooo surprising at how much they were actually helping. I initially thought "no, it's just a sudden withdrawal from a stimulant not indicative of the medications effectiveness." In retrospect and currently, no. This is how it was before I started taking them. I had just almost forgotten how much of a slog it was.

It's more than an inability to pay attention. It's an inability to get satisfaction from literally anything other than something extremely intellectually or sensually stimulating.

rough day.

annnnnd now I'm yak shaving... I realize it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop

I'm currently sitting on the name Brain Scan but it still feels too on the nose. It shouldn't have to say what it does in the name but I'm honestly too invested in the how to think about it objectively.

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Making a QR code based nerd project management system that tries to transcend the boundary between physical and digital assets and I need a name. As a demonstration of how much help I need, the current name is "Project Scan"

looks like the keybase proofs are broken.

Happy Birthday to this absolute legend!

Call her what you will, but history dictates that I count her amongst the OG Hackers.

Best check-in quotes: Initialize register 66.

He genuinely had no clue about the reference

Is there a way we can make a social media platform that's not predatory? A place that fosters growth and critical thinking instead of steering people into profitable cycles of self doubt.

How could we make a place that is beneficial to humans and, like the internet of yore, treats censorship like a cancer, but also manages to relegate misinformation and conspiracy to its fringes.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I want a village that produces people that question not only what "the others" have to say, but what their peers say. Most importantly, question themselves. I want them to have a "are we the baddies" moment for everything instead of a surface rhetoric pulled in from an echo chamber with no ability to stand up to scrutiny, or to be logically consistent.

I guess I'm gonna think on this for a while. It's likely not strictly a "social media". It's likely something akin to a forum or bb of the past with shiny bells and whistles. Most of all though, it'll be distributed.

Punk rock is just modern day pirate shanties. Fight me.

I don't think I'm doing this "social media" thing properly. How does everyone have the ability to shift focus from whatever it is they're doing 6+ times a day to post stuff?

Just so you know... this is close enough to realtime on a local network...

mpv rtsp:// --no-cache --audio-buffer=0 --vd-lavc-threads=1 --cache-pause=no --no-audio --demuxer-lavf-probe-info=no --demuxer-lavf-analyzeduration=0.0 --video-sync=audio --interpolation=no --keep-open-pause=no --untimed --rtsp-transport=tcp --no-border --ontop --stream-lavf-o=reconnect_streamed=1 --stream-lavf-o=reconnect_at_eof=1

Becoming well read on a project in a language you've never done a hello world in, using low level libraries you've never seen, changing them to use other libraries you've never seen, in a build tool you don't understand, while cross compiling is a lot of fucking work. At least I'm learning some things.

Gullible you say? Have *you* ever been gaslit into thinking you were gas-lighting someone?

Coming soon to own on a #SectorDisk near you! (updated `colors` program)

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