Becoming well read on a project in a language you've never done a hello world in, using low level libraries you've never seen, changing them to use other libraries you've never seen, in a build tool you don't understand, while cross compiling is a lot of fucking work. At least I'm learning some things.

Gullible you say? Have *you* ever been gaslit into thinking you were gas-lighting someone?

Coming soon to own on a #SectorDisk near you! (updated `colors` program)

I've got an MPV, always-on-top stream of @baudVision that I run as background sound at work. Explaining why there's a video explaining the internet to one of their senior developers is a fun conversation. I kinda wish there was a viewer submission feature.

Guys, I have a confession to make... I know just about nothing about C. I've been using Rust for ~5 years now and literally never compiled a C program.

Over the past 2 weeks, I successfully wrote an FFI wrapper for a C library. With a lot of help, and a lot of coffee.

Juuust great. Now I have to be interested in the Gemini protocol too.....

Hello World.

Nice to be welcomed into the ~verse. I'm just getting set up here, but I'll chime in more a bit later.

masto instance for the tildeverse