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why the fuck did I get a retweet for someting I posted like 8 years ago?!

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[LYRIC VIDEO] I've No More Fucks To Give - Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. via @YouTube

@InnerslothDevs so, do you guys have some sort of discord plugin that handles the muting/unmuting during games?

For those who follow me on birdsite, I'm using mastodon now, joined the awesome community at @tildeverse who host the instance I'm using. My toots are automatically cross-posted to twitter so you get to enjoy my incessant rants and rambles. Then again you all know that I've been keeping the usage of social networks to minimum with the exception of shitposting on discord servers...

Did you know? Most of my tweets nowadays are in fact mastodon toots copied from my mastodon account?

@distrotube "You guys use my configs almost like an official documentation" > probably because you actually provide practical example, and sadly in some cases the documentation just... well it sucks on hairy balls if it even exists. *glares at suckless*


Every time I try a new system. It feels like a god damn whack-a-mole.

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"If you are going to tell people the truth, you have to make them laugh, or they'll kill you." - Oscar Wilde

Alright...Sorted one minor annoyance I had with to figure out tray.

Time and time again I have been reminded that 9 times out of 10, people don't quit the job, they quit the manager. This has been once again reminded to me as I watched the shitstorm unfold between our F&B and one of their workers. Thankfully the GM took notice and seems to be slowly working towards eliminating further damage caused by incompetence. Here's hoping...

One little annoyance is that whenever I mess up my config, sometimes Xmonad just uses defaults that can throw me for a loop royally. I was considering just stealing @distrotube's setup and frankensteinizing it to my personal tastes, but that ended up creating more problems rather than solving them. Oh well, next up on my TODO list is seeing if XMonad can be made layout independent so my Czech keyboard layout won't render my number row binds completely useless...

You do realize that when government offers someone a bailout, or financial relief program, that the money comes from taxes right? If the government goes in to the debt, you will be the one fucking paying for it in the long run.

I do love the fact that if you do things right and yet something goes wrong, XMonad reverts back to it's defaults so you can still maintain control over a situation you'd have to otherwise switch to different TTY in attempt to recover from.

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🔧 Update: The team is working quickly to resolve the problem. Users may experience issues such as elements of the site not loading, error messages, accounts seemingly missing (they're not, don't worry!), and more. Thank you for your patience!

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