My Twitter integration broke like a year ago, I really need to do more with Mastodon here lol.

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"I got home at 1:50, meaning it was only 10 minutes before 3AM" - statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

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🚨Tillie Kottmann is a force for good in the world.

I am so indescribably angry right now. They should be able to continue doing what they're doing. Making them afraid.

This was ethical hacking and their most responsible disclosure. Solidarity with Tillie.

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The Democrats just spent $52 billion to subsidize COBRA for 1.3 million people until September. That’s $40k per person for less than 6 months of health insurance. Most countries spend about $5-6k per person per year for universal healthcare.

happy birthday to my bus pass, hopefully I'll be on @mymetrobus again soon!

random thought: wii remotes could actually work really well as low-cost VR controllers, you would need multiple IR emitters (and to know the location of them in 3D space) for decent location tracking though

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The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch is under attack by local bigots and militia. They have threatened violence, publicly, to us and those that help or associate with us. They have encroach on our property, armed, at night,
with the intent to harm those of us that live here. We need help,

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The positron cannon scene from Evangelion but instead of using all Japan's electric power to shoot Ramiel they produce one (1) NFT

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The George Floyd trial already took place.

It lasted 8:46.

Derek Chauvin presided as judge, jury, and executioner

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Every year, transphobia kills hundreds of trans women worldwide. On International Women’s Day, a reminder from the UN that ALL women have a right to be safe and live free from violence and discrimination - women included!

dart 2.12 looks really cool, gonna have to mess around with it at some point. I'd need to learn more about it first but with FFI being mature now it seems like it should be possible to make GTK+ bindings so that's exciting.

SB10 has passed the Alabama State Senate. The companion bill, HB1, has not yet passed the House.

We need everyone to speak out before Alabama criminalizes gender-affirming care for trans kids. If you live in Alabama, please call your legislators and tell them to vote no on HB1.

“From March 7th- March 13th, everyone is being asked to not use Amazon or Amazon Prime and do not stream videos using the Amazon Prime video service.”

Imagine having the ganas to go home and ask minimum wage workers to support you after going back on your own documented stance to help crush their biggest chance at a wage hike during their longest drought of wage increases since the law’s very inception. Sin vergüenza.

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