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The Computers Must Burn

(yes I know this is intentional and not a bug)

Luigi's Mansion 3 45-minutes-in review: never before has a game made me want to clean my room so much.

Adding to this: @StandardJS@twitter.com is certainly "a standard", as one contributor said, but giving it a name like that to suggest that it's somehow an official standard is ...harmful, to say the least.

Today on: I Can't Believe That It's An Unpopular Opinion! I like having semicolons at the end of my statements, whether the language requires it or not.

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Can't stop thinking about this argument from @NickSzabo4@twitter.com - decentralization is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Nobody actually wants decentralization (see search engine data below). What they want is safety, privacy, personal control & other features that it brings.

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Wanted to write a post with more than one author and thought about contributing it?

We now support this on our site! Just add in a second `author` field in a PR against our GitHub repo and we now attribute all authors of a post properly!


The Outer Worlds looks pretty cool, it's just a shame that it's not releasing on PC for real until 2020.

If @Puri_sm@twitter.com made a classic ThinkPad-style laptop (lots of ports, lots of repairability, removable battery, etc.) I would totally buy it.

Random idea for light rail in @CityofMadison@twitter.com: since there's already tracks running near the airport and across the isthmus, why not have a light rail line running from the airport to the university mostly alongside the existing track?

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