Militarism, especially by the police, is one of the biggest threats to the continued existence of democracy worldwide.

Next weekend I'll be live-streaming some work I'll be doing on the UU site!

I'm really looking forward to interacting with others during the stream, so if you're able to make it I'd love to see ya there!

I'll be reading both Twitch AND YouTube chat

I don’t understand why some folks run as if the internet doesn’t exist.

Joe Biden helped sell the invasion of Iraq and spent years working to cut social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He’s open to a Republican running mate.

Spin it however you want, but those are the facts.

It was an honor to testify today in front of the Washington state Senate. Let’s remove the FUD from cybersecurity.

If you have scroll hijacking on your website you are not doing web design right.


A thought: if you have 5+ years available to upgrade to the new version of an operating system (or other software) and you choose not to, you have no grounds to complain when the vendor chooses to end support for it.

The people who tell you we DO have war money but DON’T have healthcare money, tuition-free money, infrastructure money, or Green New Deal money are playing games with you.

The nice thing about Samsung Chromebooks and laptops in comparison to their phones is that they can't ruin Chrome OS/Windows with their terrible skin like on Android

Reason number 19,584 why carrier locks shouldn't be a thing.
If you recently bought an unlocked Pixel 4 from the Google Store, it might have arrived locked to Xfinity Mobile 😬

On the other hand stuff like the @HatInTime B-side soundtrack I can totally understand charging for, it's (mostly) stuff not in the game.

potentially unpopular opinion: I don't like it when games charge extra for their soundtracks, if I'm paying for the game that already includes those songs, I shouldn't have to pay extra to get those songs separate.

RT @BernieSanders
I’ve been criticized for being an "alarmist" on climate change.

You’re damn right I’m an alarmist.

The scientists tell us we must act immediately to end our fossil fuel dependence, and that is what I'm going to do.

I can understand being against the F-35s in Madison, and I can also understand having no opinion either way, but being overtly in favor of them, like some house on my way to work, is just bizarre.

anything can be used as a cloud storage service if you try hard enough

A thought: @discordapp should allow third-party clients on the condition that those clients must be FOSS.

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