Random idea for light rail in @CityofMadison@twitter.com: since there's already tracks running near the airport and across the isthmus, why not have a light rail line running from the airport to the university mostly alongside the existing track?

I really wish the US didn't have such an obsession with cars. If more cities actually had decent public transportation networks (and that means more than just buses) things would just be better in general.

Autumn's barely even started and I already want all of the Canada Geese to just go away.

If the aren't allowed to wear masks in order to protect themselves against the rampant police brutality that's happening, then I think it's safe to say that the @hkpoliceforce@twitter.com shouldn't be allowed to either. Seems just as fair.

Potentially unpopular opinion: sponsorships/calls for funding in NPM postinstall scripts are ok, *as long as* they don't try to visually stand out. Stuff that stands out in my install log should be stuff that's actually important to me as a user of the package.

The @CityofMadison@twitter.com really needs a light rail IMO, or at least more bus service to the suburbs.

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Wanting to learn more about TypeScript generics?

Check out our most recent post on TypeScript type generics, written by @crutchcorn@twitter.com:


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For adults angry at a child.

uhhhh @house_house_@twitter.com I somehow got the shopkeeper stuck in a loop with no walk animation

"What? A multi-billion dollar corporation might have to give a tiny bit more of its massive profits to schools? Oh, the humanity."

Counterfeit Box Tops for Education is quite possibly the least important issue of our time.

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We wonder if some international companies would be willing to sponsor the very first software development conference in Boyacá, Colombia 🇨🇴

That's why we're sharing our prospectus in English, so if you're willing to support us, feel free to reach out 💙


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I’m giving away a promo code to 20 people for each app written in the picture below.

What you need to do to participate:
• Follow me @vukash_in@twitter.com
• Retweet this tweet
• Comment that you are in!

Winners will be announced 48 hours from now.

Hot take: religious exemptions to vaccines (and most medical procedures really) just shouldn't be a thing, at all.

I know I should really try to avoid paying too much attention to it but the sheer stupidity of the anti-vaccine protesters in CA is legitimately depressing.

@tomasino Honestly, I get that a life without the FSF or GNU project would wound the man. It would be ripping his life's work from him.

But if we stand around all day scratching our beards wondering why there is a lack of women and others in FLOSS while he leads the FSF; we are hypocrites too.

The whole trend of apps sticking a ton of random keywords in their @GooglePlay@twitter.com listings really just bugs me. In particular, it makes the whole "x apps updated" notification effectively useless because the whole thing gets taken up by 3 apps with extravagant titles.

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