I want to vomit
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MDOT Pic of the Day: US-131 in Three Rivers is getting closer to completion. All work should be done on Nov. 15.

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Republican Party admits to committing election fraud, announces intention to continuing to commit election fraud

I guess at least now we know that she's evil out of malice and not incompetence
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Cornyn: "Most of us have multiple notebooks & notes & books & things like that in front of us. Can you hold up what youve been referring to in answering our questions?"

ACB: <Holds up blank notebook>

Cornyn: "Is there anything on it?"

ACB: "The letterhead that says US Senate."

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Democracy in the Park is happening this Saturday!

Drop your absentee ballot or update your voter reg if you need to at one of over 200 @madisonparkswi.

Full list of parks can be found on our website: cityofmadison.com/sites/defaul.

I wanna be the person at Google who's in charge of coming up with weird variations on the logo for prototypes
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Así es el ... Pixel 5S.


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maybe you've gotta remote learn this year, which it turns out is kind of hard if you don't have a setup!

so we're giving 1 winner who likes & RTs all this: an NZXT computer + logitech gear + nice ergo chair

legal words: discord.com/terms/back-to-scho

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zelda lore: "this is a twisted, mindless monster formed from a mere fragment of an ancient god of hate and destruction, if you let it reach this temple the whole fking world will end"

the boss in question:

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Graze restaurant has some thoughts on what happened in Madison last night.

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since nazi germany is trending bc someone suggested the US is as bad if not worse than it, here's a reminder that the nazis studied and were inspired by US jim crow laws, but even they thought it was too harsh

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