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Why do American cities waste so much space on cars? @fmanjoo considers what the future could look like without them. nyti.ms/3fadd4G

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Quick Thread: Why the US (and India) banning Tik Tok is bad, actually

maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that it won't let me update for ...seemingly no reason

BREAKING: Tomi Lahren will no longer voice the character of Candace Owens.

someone from Chicago, can you confirm that this is the path of the @cta Brown Line?

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To celebrate the launch of @NintendoAmerica’s Indie World account, we’re giving out 15 Indie Game Starter Packs, which includes six indie games for !

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People of color were put at a disadvantage in the way cities were designed in the 1930s.

The Homeowners Loan Association had to narrow who they would help bail out of their housing mortgage. Race played a huge role.


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celeste keeping to those social distancing rules, u love to see it <3

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What’s the favorite fast food chain from your state?

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RT if you’ve played animal crossing new horizons for more hours than police go through training

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I'm super excited to announce that I'm now a @Twitch affiliate!

There's much more road ahead and I'm excited to keep down the adventure with all of you 💜


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