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(1,5) Two years ago at approximately 7am, I sent my two children to school. I was so busy rushing them out the door so that they would not be late that my final words were not "I love you." Jesse came home that day. Jaime did not.

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Earlier this week we DMed @NZXT last minute and asked if they could make us a custom Snowsgiving PC to giveaway...they work fast.

Retweet & like for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind machine. US shipping only. Winner picked at random.

Legal words: dis.gd/NZXTpc

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Autism Speaks is collaborating with Google to make a database of genetic material to help researchers “eliminate” autism.

Curing autism is eugenics. Full stop. I most certainly do not want to be cured. If you care about autistic people, you shouldn’t support Autism Speaks.

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we found this weird looking gamecube and some games along with a cozy discord hoodie and t-shirt to keep you warm this snowsgiving season

like and retweet for a chance to win all of these goodies

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Can't stop thinking about this argument from @NickSzabo4@twitter.com - decentralization is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Nobody actually wants decentralization (see search engine data below). What they want is safety, privacy, personal control & other features that it brings.

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For adults angry at a child.

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