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people using as an outlet for their transphobia lmao

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I am deeply concerned by reports that the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden may repeal the Presidential permit for the Keystone XL border crossing next week.

My full statement:

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‘This Apology Is Bullshit And I Am Lying To You,’ Says GOP Senator To Widespread Media Praise bit.ly/3or3X0D

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WATCH: The most amazing thing about this AMAZING car commercial, is that it didn’t seem to realize how effectively it makes the point that cars of ANY kind are a HUGE waste of space in cities. Award-winning 2002 ad for Saturn cars. HT @javiermalagon

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D.C. Police Lose Control Of Rioting Trump Supporters After Hundreds Of Officers Called Away To Deal With Black Jaywalker bit.ly/3pWLj1e

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to make it here without dying is the epitome of white privilege

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Cops are taking selfies with the terrorists.

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How capitol police handled disabled protestors fighting against abolishing the ACA a few years ago:

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For the record this was the US Capitol during the BLM Protestors

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Ali Kinani was 9 years old when he was shot in the head by Blackwater guards on September 16, 2007 in Baghdad Iraq. @realDonaldTrump just pardoned his killers. I represented Ali’s and five other families in a civil lawsuit against Blackwater and Erik Prince for the killings.

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Dylan Roof murdered 9 people who had welcomed him INTO THEIR CHURCH + after, the cops **treated** him to Burger King

was 18, was not the shooter, model inmate, 5 jurors did not want death penalty - murdered by the state last night

Different justice systems?

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