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tech has three jokes: stackoverflow is mean, javascript is bad, and dark mode is good. my life's goal is to discover a fourth joke

I'm sorry but I really just cannot see "abolish the suburbs" as anything other than a good thing

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Manhattan Should Ban Cars

I worked with urban planners to show life in NYC if Manhattan bans most cars.

With bus rapid transit, protected bike lanes and huge parks and pedestrian promenades, it’ll be better for everyone.

The end of cars. Visualized.

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Why do American cities waste so much space on cars? @fmanjoo considers what the future could look like without them. nyti.ms/3fadd4G

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Progressive cancel culture:

- Cancel Rent
- Cancel Mortgages
- Cancel billionaires
- Cancel Student Debt
- Cancel Medical Debt
- Cancel endless wars
- Cancel fossil fuels
- Cancel Payday Lenders
- Cancel super-Pacs
- Cancel Citizens United
- Cancel out-of-pocket healthcare costs

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Quick Thread: Why the US (and India) banning Tik Tok is bad, actually

thoughts on the whole debate over alt-tab for browser tabs: alt-tab should be for switching windows, ctrl-tab should be for switching browser tabs. I don't really see any good reason why you'd want the same shortcut for both

Can't wait to not sleep tonight because of Freedom Explosions™

Living in the US right about now makes me feel like I'm living through major historical events in real time, and not in a good way

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would anyone be interested in a CTF which focuses on misconfiguration of popular devops platforms? so definitely gitlab, maybe jenkins, maybe an app deployed by one of them?

I plan on building something based on stuff I find in the wild. would be pretty entry level overall.

maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that it won't let me update for ...seemingly no reason

to be totally honest I'm really just not enthusiastic about voting for biden at all but at least conservatives manage to make him sound way more exciting than he actually is

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