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The Computers Must Burn

Luigi's Mansion 3 45-minutes-in review: never before has a game made me want to clean my room so much.

Adding to this: is certainly "a standard", as one contributor said, but giving it a name like that to suggest that it's somehow an official standard is ...harmful, to say the least.

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Today on: I Can't Believe That It's An Unpopular Opinion! I like having semicolons at the end of my statements, whether the language requires it or not.

Can't stop thinking about this argument from - decentralization is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Nobody actually wants decentralization (see search engine data below). What they want is safety, privacy, personal control & other features that it brings.

Wanted to write a post with more than one author and thought about contributing it?

We now support this on our site! Just add in a second `author` field in a PR against our GitHub repo and we now attribute all authors of a post properly!

The Outer Worlds looks pretty cool, it's just a shame that it's not releasing on PC for real until 2020.

If made a classic ThinkPad-style laptop (lots of ports, lots of repairability, removable battery, etc.) I would totally buy it.

Random idea for light rail in since there's already tracks running near the airport and across the isthmus, why not have a light rail line running from the airport to the university mostly alongside the existing track?

I really wish the US didn't have such an obsession with cars. If more cities actually had decent public transportation networks (and that means more than just buses) things would just be better in general.

Autumn's barely even started and I already want all of the Canada Geese to just go away.

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