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considering the environmental effects of air travel and the fact that the amtrak hiawatha exists, that sort of flight should really be illegal imo

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turns out MKE-ORD flights are a thing, why

just went on the merrimac ferry, it's kinda cool that it still exists although it's definitely gonna be a major source of delays if this area gets more populated

my hair has once again become unmanageable, send help

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this is so sad, alexa play "walmart has paid over 1.8 billion dollars in wage theft related fines and settlements"

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Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party's account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party's chairman says

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We have 9 Supreme Court Justices because, the last time they expanded the court, we had 9 federal circuits.

There are 13 federal circuits now.

welp the free trial of LGTBQ and women's rights in the US was nice while it lasted

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UwU NASA haz annuunced watew haz been confiwmed to be pwesent on a sunwit suwface of da moon fow da fiwst time (❁´◡`❁)
― Sky News

really glad my town vacuums up leaves for free, definitely a lot nicer than having to smell burning leaves for a month

I've never been so glad to exit waukesha county

saw a billboard pointing to the superspreader event in waukesha today

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This is a subtweet for every single one of you

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if you or a loved one work for / with the RIAA and have access to ANY sensitive info, source code, data, anything really please reach out via the contact info in my pinned tweet.

just heard about the forced MS account thing with minecraft, can't wait to join the class-action lawsuit for that

Why the hell does this guy still have his driver's license? Screw the tavern league
Waunakee man arrested on suspicion of 3rd OWI

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youtube-dl was taken down by RIAA via DMCA. You know, the one that was archived here:
and is still live here:
with hash e0ece0221b389c8054cb86661d8f9fb7408d8f4dbc17cc413715dd61ad825133 just in case you wanted to check it for malware

somebody please tell me when I can get the youtube-dl source code on a t-shirt

so the RIAA has now DMCAd youtube-dl on github, hopefully someone will deface their website and/or dox their copyright nazis because they absolutely deserve it

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