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White privilege is ramming your way inside one of the most secure buildings on Earth and having the police politely ask you to leave

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D.C. Police Lose Control Of Rioting Trump Supporters After Hundreds Of Officers Called Away To Deal With Black Jaywalker

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to make it here without dying is the epitome of white privilege

And you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!

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Cops are taking selfies with the terrorists.

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How capitol police handled disabled protestors fighting against abolishing the ACA a few years ago:

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My team and I are safe. I am in disbelief. I can’t believe domestic terrorists are roaming around inside the Capitol.

I’m remembering being brutalized and treated like a domestic terrorist just for protesting to keep my people alive.

St. Louis: you’re in my heart right now.

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this is the "fa" we were "anti", by the way

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"Blue Lives Matter" only ever meant Black lives don't.

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literally years worth of protesting and outcrying of systemic inequality and policing double standards have been validated in 2 hours

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For the record this was the US Capitol during the BLM Protestors

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i got shot by pepper balls this year for helping someone wash tear gas out of their eyes, little did I know I could have just been storming the government this whole time without any issue. My mistake lol

charter (spectrum) seems to be having some pretty ...interesting issues this afternoon, I can ping google just fine (albeit with 3x the usual latency) but pinging twitter results in >50% packet loss and >150ms ping times so I think it might be a BGP issue

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AIDS has slaughtered tens of millions of disproportionately LGBTQ+ people, and Ronald Reagan sat back and laughed.

Jelly Belly has invested significant amounts of money to repeal transgender legal protections.

This is abhorrent. Completely unacceptable.

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Intimidation is never okay! Please read this chilling report about what my Chief of Staff recently experienced while doing the peoples' work.

excuse me, WTF???
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FBI questioned a Michigan senate staffer after Zoom call about banning tear gas by @alicesperi, @samfbiddle

many thanks to amazon for illegally putting a package in my mailbox and then marking it as "handed directly to a resident"

thing that will almost certainly never happen but I still really want: high speed rail tunnel under lake michigan for a milwaukee - grand rapids - detroit route

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