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don't wanna seem like a NIMBY but maybe, just maybe, they could practice their fancy war machines bought with money that should be spent on healthcare not over an area of over 500,000 people

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I really just love how the WI air national guard feels the need to fly fighter jets overhead seemingly every freaking day and make a massive amount of noise

also screw Luke Hilgemann and trophy hunting in general, wtf is wrong with you people

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I'd love to see the makeup of some of those groups though, I'd imagine they're just flat out 100% white

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wolf hunts should not be a thing, also screw the stupid "hunter's rights" groups
RT @HumaneSociety
In less than 60 hrs 216 wolves were slaughtered during Wisconsin's wolf hunt last week. Worst of all nearly 85% of the wolves killed were hunted down by packs of dogs, an extremely cruel & unsporting practice that no other state allows for wolf hunting.😠

I'm currently hearing tornado sirens (drill) both IRL and in my headphones from a meeting, very weird experience

sure would be nice if I could buy a 6700 XT but somehow I get the impression that I won't be able to because of people busy wasting electricity on generating the magic money numbers

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Wisconsin's students deserve our empathy and encouragement—not these shameful and transphobic proposals.

To the Badger State's trans youth:
🏳️‍⚧️I see you.
🏳️‍⚧️I support you.
🏳️‍⚧️You belong.

RT @GovEvers
My message to Wisconsin’s transgender kids and students today is simple: I see you. You are welcome, you are wanted, and you belong.

I really appreciate how SM3DW on switch uses the revolutionary method of saving automatically after each level without popping up with a dialog box that you have to press OK on

I like cryptocurrency as an idea but seeing the huge component scarcity it's causing along with the massive environmental impacts I really just wanna see it crash and burn right now

gab deserves absolutely everything that's happening to them lol, can't wait to see some more worthless idiots get arrested

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no way this software is enterprise grade, it doesnt even have a single hardcoded password

thinking about how disgustingly nationalistic some of my high school history teachers were, I hate it here

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Pete Buttigieg Learning About Problems Facing Rail Infrastructure By Spending Week Living As Train

"this parking lot is the heart of the community"
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East York residents are trying to save a parking lot that’s slated to be turned into an affordable housing development for the homeless.


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