I also wish I didn’t know as much about tech as I do. Then I could just shrug and let this go. But no. This issue today is because there’s a box out there that should have got the instruction to flip a 0 to a 1 that didn’t get that information propagated to it. That one bit not being flipped is why I had to sit on hold for half an hour while someone across the planet tries to use enterprise telemarketing software to toggle an already toggled state in my account. Were all these abstractions not in place, if we could only just flip that one bit directly, there would be no problem. Which is infuriating.

Anyways, thanks for attending my Ted Talk.

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Luckily this time I still have Internet from the previous provider, so at least I can still stay online while I deal with these technical difficulties on their end 🙄 Glad I decided to not cancel the current one until the other one is working!

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I’ve moved a lot during my adult life. So I’ve had to setup or transfer my Internet service many times. It has never once Just Worked™. Never. Today I thought it would be different since I’m moving to a new service provider, but nope. Still didn’t work!

Well now I want a generalized version of this that works outside of Mathematica 🤔


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What do we want?

When do we want it?
A reliable way to avoid race conditions!

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On the subject of SSL certificates, I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge just how much I hate the LDAP tech stack when it comes to setting up TLS integration, specifically for the 389DS package shipped with RPM distributions. Whoever designed that absolute mess and thought it was a good idea can no longer have their opinions be trusted.

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For context, this is for making SSL certificates for intranet domains.

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I should probably make a script to help automate setting up DNS-01 challenges with Let’s Encrypt using DigitalOcean’s network API. Continuing to do this manually will get annoying.

Deeply disappointed by my experience with Mint Mobile. About 40% of my texts didn’t show up or never we’re received, particularly for group messages. Their tech support was unhelpful and just made the situation worse. 0/5 stars, would not recommend. Big case of “you get what you pay for”. Moved to a carrier before the end of the week after multiple days of the same issue.

May or may not have stayed up stupid late building Legos

Friends are awesome. I was trying to find the new Lego succulent set to add some fun décor to my home / office but were sold out everywhere I went. Then my friend surprised me a few minutes ago with that set they found in a different town.

Okay, should probably go to bed now. Need to work still in the morning and everything. Night night tilde people 💤

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Also, fair warning folks, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Be sure to get a nice gift for your moms if you haven’t already or forgot.

At first I thought the stuff was just a lot of hype until I actually tried it. Definitely lives up to the endorsements made for it. If you need a private network among many different devices, I emphatically encourage you to give it a whirl.

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But seriously, can we talk about how nice it is to have my phone, laptop, NAS, and VPS servers all on the same VPN with end-to-end encryption, DNS, firewalls, and NAT traversal all handled automatically? VPNs usually suck, but this was stupid simple.

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Been playing around with recently. Absolutely love it! Only complaint is that it’s a bit buggy with my Synology NAS, but looking at the GitHub Issues that seems to be more of a DSM 7 problem, which is definitely fair.

Is midnight the right time to rejoin social media? No, but there is no good time for that. Sup!

Slowly but surely working my way through "Writing An Interpreter In Go", next chapter is making the REPL!

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