Slowly but surely working my way through "Writing An Interpreter In Go", next chapter is making the REPL!

@if I more meant the glowing overexposure effect going on around it xD

@if what's the go gopher doing up there?

Slowly working my way through "Writing An Interpreter In Go" and translating the code and tests to Python. Hoping to learn more about language programming this year.

I've also setup my desktop to match the solarized theme as well

I've recently gotten hooked on the solarized theme, I've updated my personal site to match

I went into a bit more details on my projects in my latest blog post (and also added a light/dark mode to the site!)

Today I made some progress on a prototype for a DNS sub-leasing manger built atop Digital Ocean's networking API for the Tildex project. I have also almost completed the concurrent message passing actor model manager for abots.

I have a few projects I am working on:
* Tilde Center - decentralized/federated tilde server network
* Tildex - decentralized/federated application and services
* Babili - extendable virtual assistant bot core
* abots - The shared library between all those projects (short for "a bunch of tiny scripts")

I'm planning to open up a new tilde server, if any of you are interested in joining I have an 8 question survey that will help me determine how to best prepare the server for its future userbase:

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@angristan Myself and lots of servers. It's pretty nice if you don't want to pay for Red Hat.

~aewens boosted The ban was mainly just to silence the spam until it stopped. I added you back once the vomiting of text stopped ;)

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