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furry horror (true horror, i'm so sorry) 

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It's probably about time for an , isn't it?

So, hi, I'm Alexis. At my day job, I'm a fullstack engineer for a company you've heard of. If that interests you, it shouldn't, and I won't, and that's really best.

When I'm doing what I choose to, I'm an sf/weirdtales writer, a wildlife photographer, and a doer of helpful stuff for people.

I've never said this out loud before: I'm intersex and genderqueer. I don't know how I feel about saying it now, but I guess I know how to find out.

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: Voortrekker (, a gay as hell solarpunk space opera love story that updates every Wednesday and Sunday.

Voortrekker is part of , a semicollaborative sf ‘verse invented by @tomasino, open to all, and currently the playground of over a dozen writers including myself. Lots of good there; come and see!

your posts have content? cw that shit, not everyone is ok with seeing it

imagine telling ur celly u got 6 months for treating with intent to trick

@fakemaxkeeble @alexis it's never stopped being magical, even as i learned to draw it!

also, at the time (1998~2005), everyone was finding out that they're gay/bi/queer/sexuality is a fuck

and now (2008~now) it's really amazing seeing a lot of people realize or come out as trans/demigender/queer/gender is a fuck

(i have a personal bias here but it's significant in the community)

acceptance in furry leads mainstream acceptance and i think that means awesome things

i feel like more time should be allotted not for sleeping, but for puttering around the house in the morning

Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades 

God, twirling around, showing off Their first marsupial: do you like it?

choir of angels: oooh, cute mammal!

God: thanks!
God: it has pockets :3

No matter what your gender, I want you to know that you are vlad.

Yes! No matter what, you *are* vlad! You've always been vlad! Every last one of you is a 15th century voivode of Wallachia, one of whom inspired Dracula. I just want you to know that you are vlad, loved, beautiful, and known for being a brutally sadistic madman :blobheartcat:

Hasty flicking through the ship's grimoires
X-Ray sextants tracking ten pulsars
Their world-lines near; golden threads of fate
Twist through spacetime in a figure eight
Starboard, four degrees, right ascension
And even more orthogonal dimensions
Heat seeking, soul searching, target lock
An astral dogfight; doge, parry, block
Damage received; damage delivered
Cockpit lights grow dimmer and dimmer
Both fill their role of killed and killer
A fight in space rarely has winners

there were squirrels chasing and crows scolding in the backyard of the new house this afternoon

it was noisy and cheerful and we went back from the grocery store with a full jar of peanuts which we broadcast throughout the yard in hopes that it will stay noisy and cheerful, and also maybe the crows will regard us as friendly, which is no small consideration

also accidentally took a picture of squirrel pecker, but in our defense he was just hanging it out there in the first place

"harp," you may say, "is this just a scheme to make people inclined to make this joke pay penance via expensive kitchenware to the victims of their jokes? is this some sort of williams-sonoma based reparations scheme?"

i mean, yeah, but like... i'm also not wrong. pan people who hear that joke constantly deserve a nice bit of cast iron kitchenware for the burden of such an experience

small print 

(please don't tell us about snow crash, we know already, thanks)

the tower of babel myth as an allegory for a frustrated attempt to develop telepathy

imagine deciding to make your fictional character an idiot that everyone hates who then drinks poison to Die Proving Something

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

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