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It's probably about time for an , isn't it?

So, hi, I'm Alexis. At my day job, I'm a fullstack engineer for a company you've heard of. If that interests you, it shouldn't, and I won't, and that's really best.

When I'm doing what I choose to, I'm an sf/weirdtales writer, a wildlife photographer, and a doer of helpful stuff for people.

I've never said this out loud before: I'm intersex and genderqueer. I don't know how I feel about saying it now, but I guess I know how to find out.

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: Voortrekker (, a gay as hell solarpunk space opera love story that updates every Wednesday and Sunday.

Voortrekker is part of , a semicollaborative sf ‘verse invented by @tomasino, open to all, and currently the playground of over a dozen writers including myself. Lots of good there; come and see!

aaaaaaaa how is it that i can flawlessly perform No User Serviceable Parts Inside iphone repairs yet fail so hard at assembling computer lego that the resulting configuration won’t even f***ing POST

i’m cursed, that’s what it is, cursed

can whatever tech witch i inadvertently offended please tell me what i must do by way of propitiation? i don’t care what it is, it’ll still be better than taking it to the spotty nerd i used to be at the micro center help counter tomorrow

a subtoot about olive oil because i forgot who i’m subtooting Show more

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The Girl Scouts of Western Washington were offered $100,000 on the condition that the donation "will not be used to support transgender girls".

They sent the money back, held a fundraising campaign, and raised $300,000. #ForEVERYGirl

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@erosdiscordia @anarchiv @quad Ketchup is derived from the Xiamen word, "ke chiap," and its rise over mayonnaise is a signal that Millennials are easily swayed by foreign influences.

lb: now i want to write rat, a cat replacement that only outputs to /dev/null and after doing so copies itself to a random location in the filesystem as a dotfile

maybe deletes a random file out of a user’s trash directory, if the user’s using one

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This week's #cliAppOfTheWeek—which we're getting in *just* under the wire for the week—is #bat, the `cat` replacement with syntax highlighting, git integration, (optional) line numbers, and more.

See below for a cat/bat comparison (showing a bit of the #mastodon's code). And if you don't like those colors, don't worry—bat lets you select a different color scheme or customize your own (along with pretty much any other config option you might want).

#rust #rustLang #cli

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Yo. Seriously.

When someone's letting an idea out into the world, maybe not just squash them with "well you have to solve this problem".

Instead, just share your own stream of consciousness, and help spread the general idea, and supply it with your own thoughts and concerns.

Don't push people down, help build each other up. That's the whole point.

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"Gay marriage will ruin the concept of family" say the dudes who go to a bar every night to complain about their families, to other dudes who're also complaining about their families.

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good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

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cheap jerks indeed! the sleep/wake button’s in rough shape, too, and the screen’s dinged in a few spots...might be making another ifixit order sooner than i had in mind.

more importantly, i now have three of the Last Good Apple Phone, which should keep me going for quite a while! i also have valuable repair experience gained working on a phone that was already busted anyway, which will be good next time i need to replace a battery or something - maybe soon, considering that i don’t think this “refurb” A1723 i’m using now got a new jerks. oh well! i can fix that whenever i decide i need to!

that went surprisingly well! i lost one noncritical screw and couldn’t figure out how to get the home button connector bracket back on, and the home button itself is a bit proud of the screen for unclear reasons (might’ve overtightened the backing bracket), but the screen protector will conceal that, and the now-refurbished phone will serve nicely as a backup with a fresh battery as well as a replaced screen!

(only took an hour and a half, too!)

is it normal to giggle madly throughout the process of pulling loose the adhesive strips when replacing an iphone battery?

100% asking for me, i’m still grinning and idk why!

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I just figured out why old people can be so bloody patronizing with their "Oh, how did you hear about the Beatles? They were before your time." and their "You've heard of World War II? That's very impressive." It's a defence against all the little shits who think the world started the year they were born. It's the only way old people can fight back.

I know this because I work with someone who hasn't seen a single movie made before 1999. If I didn't get the chance to be condescending to him from time to time, I would kill him and wear his ears on top of my head as a warning to others.
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petition to replace "basic bitch" with "reference bitch"

like, some people might put a few more heat sinks and cooling fans on the original reference design, or add a bunch of LEDs and a colored PCB, but there's a reason you start with the reference design: it works 😛
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