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Semiotic Standard: the icons from Alien

Following on from our Solar System transit map, we settled on this as our next vector art project: recreating the "Semiotic Standard" icons used to decorate the Nostromo spaceship sets in the 1979 film Alien.

We also thought it'd be fun to make them usable as fediverse emoji, so we did that.

Find the full set in emojo form here:

See the attached image, or, for examples.

We'll be publishing large SVG files of these, too - as soon as we get the source file sorted out so we can export them easily. (we still suck at illustrator lol) In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these, and watch this space for more!

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The Solar System: A Transit Map

Ever wanted to take a bus from Earth to another planet entirely? Us too! If we could, this is the map we’d use to get from here to there. Now you can use it to do that, too!

Physical things that have this on them:

Different sizes, transparent backgrounds:

We want to make this into a depiction of a solarpunk future, designed by consensus, that we'd all love to see! If you have ideas or thoughts on that, please add them to this thread:

More at our website:

Special thanks and 💜 : @anarchiv @RedFuture @velexiraptor

We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to boost and share with anyone you think might like it!

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furry horror (true horror, i'm so sorry) 

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It's probably about time for an , isn't it?

So, hi, I'm Alexis. At my day job, I'm a fullstack engineer for a company you've heard of. If that interests you, it shouldn't, and I won't, and that's really best.

When I'm doing what I choose to, I'm an sf/weirdtales writer, a wildlife photographer, and a doer of helpful stuff for people.

I've never said this out loud before: I'm intersex and genderqueer. I don't know how I feel about saying it now, but I guess I know how to find out.

what the hell it hurts to stretch this is bullshit

side bonus to putting cinnamon and clove in your coffee is that it makes your kitchen always smell a little like clove and cinnamon, which is a good kitchen smell

ok we're gonna go make coffee and then probably do some bullshit idk

might decorate that toilet tank

definitely make some 13x19 prints to ship to our mom like we promised we'd do a week ago aaaaa x.x

ache more

severely belated story stuff 

recommendation for interacting with artists and art 

good to awaken very late with aches in all our major joints, including the ones that never usually ache

explains why we've been feeling so off for the last day or so, anyway, and having weird ideas; mild fever makes our brains lively

oh well, it's an excuse to write THE END IS NIGH on a face mask and wear it to the grocery store at least, like we were thinking about yesterday

that's definitely a fever idea and we're not sure if it's a great one or a terrible one or both

white people cant have little a culture, as a treat

anyone: *falls*

me: ah, the classic reverse icarus. you flew too close to the ground

now folks, we all hate loss prevention, but let me tell you about #foss prevention

warning for all the dudes that have followed me, interacted with me, faved my toots, or even read any of them too hard

every "straight" "cis" "boy" who's ever crossed my path on the Fediverse becomes a trans girl or an enby or genderqueer or some kind of beginner to advanced gay after a few months

no exceptions

i don't know how it happens, i pretty much just make tech+gender jokes, but i'll see you at the pride parade next year

i'll be the tall one with the hair

so will you


@CartoonBangover I've said it before and nobody ever gave me a solid argument against: anarchism may be cool in theory, but without higher-level organization, minorities will always be at the whims of the violent
when the only thing stopping violence against a minority is a vague moral obligation and some dudes that swore an oath on their own terms, I feel like there's little reason to believe it will turn in favor of the smaller group

food stuff 

the silver lining was that our boss at the time, totally unprompted, paid for all the costs involved because we'd only been there on his business

he was a good man in a lot of ways and as hard as those years were, we still miss them sometimes

we rarely think well of xkcd, but today's is a mood that's been in the datacenter for twelve straight hours

we once spent so long in a DC dealing with a succession of bizarre networking problems that by the time we finally left our car had been towed because we forgot to move it off a restricted street because we forgot it existed

interstellar sports. different species good at such radically different things that very rarely is there real competition. humans have the marathon. a new species of intelligent endurance hunters is discovered and the 26-mile race is on

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