does anybody on here work in #engineering #operations ? infrastructure etc? do you have a product manager or similar? can i ask you questions?

* if someone razzes me about hashtags i will screech

@alana I’m devops, and I’ve worked extensively with both traditional PMO and scrum product ownership. Ask away! I’ll try my best to answer usefully.

@alexis oh awesome!! i'm trying for a job that involves being the PM for a decently-mature infrastructure "portfolio" that has never had a PM/PO (other eng teams at the company do.) i'm trying to envision potential differences between managing ops product portfolios, vs devops or dev.. and just generally think through any gotchas. i'm thinking infra needs to move more slowly and methodically than i might be used to? but.. what else

@alana @alexis i think pm's can really help ensure that devs and ops are working together on what's actually expected from a deployment, since it's often the case that each of these groups doesn't really "get" what the other one needs or would benefit from. There's a huge human problem to solve in between this that isn't really covered by just "add devops" since it literally requires more hours of someone doing that human bridge work

@June @alexis oh thank goodness, that's totally in line with my observations. i generally see my role between team and company as "buffer/guardian-of-team/ambassador/translator/promoter/advocate", and my role within the team as "organizer/negotiator/guardian-of-roadmap/cheerleader". sorta.

with ops, i imagine that roadmap needs to be communicated out 5000 times instead of 500 times. and i'll probably need to creep on a lot of other eng team meetings, so i can mitigate incoming crap

@alana @alexis i mean I'm biased to ops but it honestly seems like ops delivery is seen as arcane magic or something and it really shouldn't be. pm's should make it a priority to ensure knowledge is actually shared in the larger group and that usually means fighting with cowboy techbros who guard their work because of fear

@June @alexis prying bash scripts out of insecure, worried hands is such a Thing

@alana @alexis it really is. It seems like good PMs spend most of their time dealing with cis dudes hurt feelings.

@June @alexis it's such a weird job honestly because i'm generally competing with cis guys with MBAs who read 'The Art of War' on BART. most teams need a mom tbh. completely different profile


@alana @June I will say that, in my experience, good orgs include the team in the decision, and good teams know what they need and will leave the bros on the train every time.

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