I mean, what the fuck, if this is what we’re doing, then I guess y’all better know that I’ve worked with LE in the past, as a necessary part of my career, so you can cancel my ass too.

But hey, I mean, this CSA survivor should’ve just let those shitbags and their kiddie porn slide, right? I mean what the hell, anything’s clearly better than working with the feds, right? That’s what the revolution means, right?

No CW. Fuck your revolution and fuck you if this is what you’re about.

I mean what the fuck am I even seeing right now? Are you really trying to tell
me this is how we build a better world together? By turning on each other? Eating each other alive at the least provocation? Not even needing some outside adversary to try to drive us apart, but just going right ahead and doing it for them?

This isn’t how you build an earthly heaven. This is how you build an earthly hell. We have enough of that already. Why do you want to make more?

What does it serve you to make a world where you’ve got nobody’s back and nobody’s got yours? You think you’re protecting yourself that way? From what?

@alexis I've written about this here, in an attempt to encourage more compassionate and intellectual humble approaches to dissent and disagreement:

@MilquetoastQT @alexis fuck you alexis you fucking pig. The police are fascist scum who are oppressors of the people. Same for the military. Military are paid killers.
@alexis You idiots spend more time on convicting kiddie porn possessors instead of kiddie porn producers so good job.
@MilquetoastQT @alexis alexis is too retarded to understand that her bosses are the ones producing it. The CIA runs these things. Good job Alexis you magnificent fucking retard. If you actually wanted to stop pedophiles, you'd have to go after the Elite but guess what? The elite are untouchable and they own your bosses and thus own you. Typical retarded cop. Now please kill yourself because the world will be a better place without you, alexis.
@MilquetoastQT @alexis you know what i really think, Alexis? I don't think you give a fuck about justice or stopping criminals. I think you enjoy the power trip that comes from being a fucking pig because you are such a pathetic sad fucking loser that it's the only way you get any validation out of life.

Cops = pathetic little kids who got bullied in school and who never matured into adults
@MilquetoastQT @alexis sorry Alexis that you were such a fucking loser in school that everyone hated you and now you are "getting your revenge on the world" by being a fucking cop.

Blocking you as well because i am not interested in your sad pathetic replies in the slightest.
@wirelessguru1 @alexis Great. Now I'M going to be the one subjected to them lol

Thanks a lot. Lmfao
@MilquetoastQT @alexis say whatever you want to her, and block her. Don't contaminate your consciousness with the pathetic energy of losers like her
@wirelessguru1 @alexis A FEMALE cop? Holy fuck, that's actually worse.

@MilquetoastQT @alexis they're all just power trippers. Unfortunately 95% of the population are slaves who want to be enslaved, so because of democracy the other 5% of us are subjected to slavery as well
@wirelessguru1 @alexis Take off your glasses for a second. All I'm saying is that you have dupes and knaves. And that frequently they overlap.

If you're trying to preach to me, I'm leaving lmfao
@wirelessguru1 @alexis You're moving the goalpost.

You said "They're all power-trippers". That's not completely accurate. They all overlap. You were ignoring the ignorant. Even though the ignorant sometimes power-trip, etc.

You're making two separate arguments.
@MilquetoastQT @alexis okay fuck off then you faggot cuck if you are going to defend these fascist pigs in any way whatsoever. Blocking your bitch ass too, bitch
@wirelessguru1 @alexis I knew you were young, and immature in the ways of anarcho-capitalism.

Maybe we'll talk to each other again in about 10 years when you've grown up a bit.
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