I have a dream of a future where all technology is modular, easily replacable, and recyclable.

You phone screen broke? Just replace it and recycle the old one. Your laptop's getting a little slow? Replace the CPU.

This would also require a set of universal adaptors and fittings, so that everything would be compatible with everything else.

And I honestly don't feel like this is a lot to ask?


@InvaderXan unpopular opinion maybe, but thanks to ifixit and the like, iphones have become really good for the repairability aspect of this, and imo that’s incredibly heartening - the least designed to be repairable phones on the market, and here we are where anyone who’s good with their hands and has a couple hours to spare can refurb them at something like 15-20% in parts cost of what a new phone would run. i literally did replace and recycle a broken screen like 2 weeks ago!

As a related unpopular opinion, one reason I actually buy Apple tech is that it lasts a long time. In my experience, years longer than most other things. For the sake of reducing my waste and environmental impact, this seems like a good thing to do.

@InvaderXan same! i’ve got three iphone se’s now, one already refurbed and another soon to go on the bench for a new battery, and once i lay in a good stock of batteries and a couple spare screens i expect to be using them until at least 2025.

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