"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

@ischade I imagine that spells are a bit like NodeJS packages. You really just want a minor healing potion but end up importing 3782 dependencies, requiring several flocks of goats, the blood of a village worth of virgins, seventeen generations of newts worth of newt-eyes, a small star's output worth of candles, and countless other accouterments. You look inside the interdimensional spell_modules/ folder and notice its contents would fill several city blocks.

@ed1conf I feel like this is something Terry Pratchett would've written about, if he had known anything about coding.


@ischade @ed1conf he kinda did, in both senses! Hex the computer was based on a micro he had that just sort of grew into a pile of wires and assorted parts, and wizards knowing enough about magic to know not to trust it at all is a big part of several early plots

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