I don't like phone calls -- nobody does, I don't think -- but I think I might be good at customer service calls?

* Clear rules.
* Occasional music.
* I can have all the relevant information in front of me.
* I refuse to be fucked over.


@Alexis no one likes phone calls, least of all customer service workers, in a job whose sole virtue is that it's done indoors (because rain and snow are bad for electronics like computers and phone systems, and that stuff's expensive, ya know)

no doubt it goes without saying, but former customer service worker lexie nonetheless wishes to mention that it's a shit job with very little power to effect any change, and to remind everyone that treating CSRs badly is punching down or at best sideways

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@alexis Oh, I know -- just in general from the internet, and from my brother working in customer service for the past two years.

I'm always completely friendly and polite -- and always get a few jokes in -- and if I feel like I'm being fucked over, I make a point of staying polite, and indicating that my frustration is systemic or corporate, not personal.

@Alexis i figured you knew! but also maybe someone who doesn't yet know will see this thread, so still seemed like worth the mention

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