Ideas so far:

- "Express line" representation of gravity assist trajectories (thanks @prin !) - not sure how to represent this or if we can, since gravity assist relies so much on the relative positions of planets at a given launch time, but we're thinking about it!

- Represent atmospheres (aerobraking) differently, maybe as a thin ring around nodes where aerobraking is possible (thanks @June !) - this is definitely going into the next version

@alexis @prin @June

- "Omega Point Listening Station", an observatory a little beyond the edge of Pluto but within the Oort cloud

- "EANW Advanced Concepts Research Station" near the Sun-Venus L1 point, but that's crossed out and just replaced with "CONDEMNED"

- Ceres?

- Orbiting habitats Butler and Jemison, at Sun-Earth L4 and L5?

@RedFuture @prin @June if we had made one major change to the layout from the original work, it would have been to add the belt. that's definitely going in the next one, as are all of these!

@alexis @prin @June Tried to make a generic corporate name, mashed together arms company EADS with high street bank NatWest

@RedFuture @prin @June ah gotcha,

hmm, we could borrow ADM (Archer DuPont Monsanto) from our story Voortrekker and use it on another station, maybe around Saturn's moon Phoebe

the fun thing about L1 points is that they are unstable, so there's a clever, subtle question baked into the simple presence of a "condemned" space station at an L1 point: if it's so condemned, how is it keeping station?

@RedFuture @prin @June (also if you can recommend a good reference on how to calculate the dV cost between two given orbits, please do! we have zero idea of even where to start looking and we're gonna need it to add stuff that isn't orbiting a body already on the map)

@alexis If you're adding fictional stuff, would you please keep a non-fiction version around?

@bunnyjane we're not sure how much work it'd be to update two versions in parallel, we feel like probably a lot? but for sure we won't, like, take down the nonfiction version once we start working on something else

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