The Solar System: A Transit Map

Ever wanted to take a bus from Earth to another planet entirely? Us too! If we could, this is the map we’d use to get from here to there. Now you can use it to do that, too!

Physical things that have this on them:

Different sizes, transparent backgrounds:

We want to make this into a depiction of a solarpunk future, designed by consensus, that we'd all love to see! If you have ideas or thoughts on that, please add them to this thread:

More at our website:

Special thanks and 💜 : @anarchiv @RedFuture @velexiraptor

We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to boost and share with anyone you think might like it!

@alexis while we're at it, I read that Voortrekker story, at least the first ten or a dozen pieces of it, and enjoyed it quite a lot
@tsturm @RedFuture @velexiraptor

@alexis the style is really quite... I don't know how to put it, it's alive. feels like there's some Le Guin and some Vinge in there.
@tsturm @RedFuture @velexiraptor

@alexis oh woah this looks really cool!!
Reminds me of the dV map that people made for KSP, which has been *incredibly* helpful in planning craft

@starseeker thanks so much! we're happy with how it came out. and that map was almost certainly made by the same person whose calculations informed this one!

@alexis Yep, looked at the KSP one and CuriousMetaphor is credited for calculations for both
(the KSP version:

@alexis is the legend intentionally in the trans flag colors?

@alexis @anarchiv @RedFuture @velexiraptor

thank fuck someone did this, now I have a shot at realistic Sol-local travel mechanics

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