ukpol cw reminder 

please take care to cw your posts about this tentative catastrophe! not everyone is in a place where they're ready to deal with that right now and that's 100% OK.

the problem will (probably, if the exit polls are right) still be there tomorrow and the day after that. in the meantime: helping people who need a break from it, *have* a break from it, helps them get to a place where they can better participate in the work of helping build a better world. and that helps everyone!

ukpol cw reminder, mh meta, subtoot 

telling people to just "take a break from fedi" isn't a solution to this problem, because for a lot of us fedi is a place where we find emotional support, and telling people to just. not do that. because you can't be bothered to put your spicy takes behind a CW, is just a lousy way to behave.

we know you're better than that!

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