Semiotic Standard: the icons from Alien

Following on from our Solar System transit map, we settled on this as our next vector art project: recreating the "Semiotic Standard" icons used to decorate the Nostromo spaceship sets in the 1979 film Alien.

We also thought it'd be fun to make them usable as fediverse emoji, so we did that.

Find the full set in emojo form here:

See the attached image, or, for examples.

We'll be publishing large SVG files of these, too - as soon as we get the source file sorted out so we can export them easily. (we still suck at illustrator lol) In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these, and watch this space for more!

Update: Just released version 1.0.1, fixing the "no_pressure_gravity_suit_required" icon that was missing its white border - a required part of the symbol set, since they may be used in poorly contrasting surroundings.

If you downloaded the 1.0 version of the icon set, you may want to get and import the fresh one! Sorry for the mishap. ^^

@alexis 🤔? what ✍ing would be 👍 when ½ using 🅱️ for 💬

Hard to deal with, maybe.

Another idea, just take words as you write and constantly suggest emoji to suggest.

@alexis @alahmnat @beej you should tell Cameron about this. It feels like he would appreciate it.

@alexis nice, I like them! I did my own version a year ago as a KSP mod, unfortunately I made them in a program with no vector export so I’m planning to redo them

@cinebox thank! if you want our illustrator file as a base for vector versions, we can pass that along

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