@roxie i remember in middle school when i became the de facto tech person and installed ubuntu on a powerpc mac that they were trying to repurpose

i was so high that day


@hazel @roxie we remember in middle school participating in a hack that shut down the entire (novell, lol) lan for like a day and a half

it would've been a prouder day still if anyone could've known it was us without us getting expelled

there was also the time on a band trip a few years later when the two local girls our hotel room roommate knew well enough to invite over (!) were more impressed with us alligator-clipping our laptop onto the internet via the model 2500 knockoff room phone, than with the idea of sleeping with him (it was ok, he thought it was cool as hell too)

yes we're old, but also damn, those were the days

@alexis @roxie im still the sysadmin for my middle schools website even though im entering uni in a few months

i still get emails about stuff

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