anyway back to listening instead of talking onned lime for a while

seriously though. don't count on a fridge to block your phone's radios because it is not designed to do that and will, in fact, not do that. fine to put a phone in a fridge but turn it off and yank the battery first

@alexis yeah I deleted the post ; my source on this was that this was done by journalists during the Snowden leaks, but they also turned the things off first too.

@melissasage @alexis

aluminium foil is probably more reliable as long as it's wrapped properly

the good thing is you can easily test if your makeshift faraday cage works if you try to call your phone, test BT, wifi or NFC connectivity... assuming your device isn't bugged with something that doesn't broadcast on a frequency spectrum you can test for

also I wouldn't try wireless charging with a device wrapped in foil, i have no idea what'd happen but there's potential for damage

@wolf Some of those don't work well either. I saw a funny test where someone put an employee keycard in various Faraday wallets and the card scanned successfully through several of them.

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@wolf @moonbolt @melissasage @alexis

yeah, there are wallets designed to protect your passport or contactless payment card from being snooped/hacked, I can't tell how good these are as it's harder to test

@moonbolt @emptyfortress @melissasage they make evidence bags ("faraday bags") designed to do this, no idea how well those work

the wallets typically suck, even if they're shielded in the lining there's no seal so RF still gets through

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