so we found this CDR between two disused shelves in a room of this house that we're just getting around to setting up

so far, in the first 8 of 16 tracks, there are at least three covers of a-ha's "take on me", one reminiscent of kate bush, one styled like idk kinda mid 2000s high school movie pop idk?, and one that's oddly wistful a cappella with ukulele accompaniment

update: track 9, too

sort of like super chill billie eilish?

someone who lived here in the past was super into "take on me" apparently

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why are there this many covers of "take on me", is the real question here

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@pagrus tbh all of these are best Take On Me

track 5 identifies as cheery smooth demipunk and is out here living their best life as hard as they can

track 6 identifies as hard af headbang punk and absolutely could not give less of a fuck what anyone thinks

they're themfriends

@alexis I mean I like ska as much as or possibly more than the next person but the best cover I ever heard was by a (possibly christian?) (possibly italian?) speed metal band in 1999. I don't know a lot about music but I know I like arpeggiation and they had a bunch of that

@alexis I am not christian and ordinarily have no use for christian metal or any other kind of music btw, but these dudes shredded s o h a r d

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