track 9 was a live cover??? but extremely well mic'd

aaaand track 10 is, yes, another cover. this one is bitcrushed chiptune

track 11: yep, still take on me. this one's kurt cobain and a piano

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track 12: it's literally just track 11 but with reverb and whatever you call it when you overdub yourself a bunch of times to make a chorus

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wait, that's not a piano, that's a guitar

what. they're both stringed instruments, it's a natural mistake

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...also live

who was this wild collector of live take on me covers who lived in this house before we did

track 14: super synthwavey with lots of distortion in the harmony voices

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...and lyrics in a language which we are unable to identify

it keeps wavering between synthwave and some flavor of club we've never heard, this is awesome tbh

track 15: clearly live. spoons, claps, piano accordion, maybe some kind of tin whistle. very enthusiastic and a little tiring

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everyone involved with track 15 is very pleased with themselves and we are delighted for all of them

track 16 is just the studio version of the original track, which seems like a solid finish

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