"did it hurt when you fell from heaven? cuz you look like you'd be fun to rule over hell with"

yes I know I ended this sentence with a preposition, dont :dont_at_me: me grammar nerds

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@balrogboogie any grammar nerds who tell you shit like that, @ me and I'll out-pedant 'em. :)

@error_1202 @balrogboogie
If ending sentences with prepositions is not permitted, English is no longer a language I want to have to put up with.

@anarchiv @balrogboogie It has happened for as long as there have been prepositions in English and it will always happen and it's fine.

The only reason not to do it is that some upper-classholes who had Latin educations and a huge desire to be better than people who didn't. So they went "it's a PRE position so it has to have the position BEFORE the noun, that's what the word MEANS." The same kinds of tedious arguments people still try to make now. But etymology isn't destiny.


@anarchiv @error_1202 @balrogboogie it's true! see also split infinitives, which can't exist in latin, and in english used to be a similarly shibbolethical marker of pejorative-"uneducated" speech and writing but literally nobody cares any more

granted, this does not indicate any growth in respect for the vernacular among elites so much as just a gradual drift in the loci of their contempt for it, but fuck 'em tbh

@alexis @error_1202 @balrogboogie
haha, coincidentally I honestly think split infinitives or participles happen to be one of the most messed up parts about german syntax

@anarchiv @error_1202 @balrogboogie i can't speak to german syntax or its class semiosis at all tbh! i know just enough of that language to infuriate every fluent speaker in earshot, which has proven considerably less useful in practice than it sounds like it would be

@alexis @error_1202 @balrogboogie
you have a special skill for upsetting germans, that's a good thing actually

@anarchiv @error_1202 @balrogboogie one of these days someone is gonna desperately need to find a strange german in a crowded room and, as the shouts of rage and horror shake the roofbeams, my soul will forever repose in sublime joy at the knowledge that, when my true moment finally came, it did not find me wanting

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