oh my god i put a new screen protector on this phone and have just noticed there is a hair stuck under it, right above the edge of the screen

Player 1: OCD
Player 2: Laziness

@alexis This is why I gave up on screen protectors and opted for phone cases that have a bit in front of the phone so there's a gap of space between screen and ground when I drop it

not if, when

@owashii yeah, the first screen i had to replace was because that wasn't enough, so now i use both

@alexis Fair

I don't go out much anymore so I don't drop it on non-carpet surfaces much anymore

@owashii same, but this place is mostly hardwood and tile, so it's still a risk

i had to replace this screen protector after a drop off the bathroom sink onto tile starred the last one

that first drop was face down on a pier, tbh i was lucky the thing didn't end up in the harbor

@alexis The main reason I stopped using screen protectors is that I tried replacing one two phones ago and the screen actually came /off/ with the protector

as in exposed internal phone bits with nary a censor bar in sight

@owashii yeah, the glue they use on these glass ones is pretty fierce and it can defeat the clips that hold the screen in. i usually go around the edge of a new display and bend the clips out a little with a screwdriver to give them some more bite before installing it, and it also helps not to apply too much force perpendicular to the screen surface when removing a protector

tbh i can see why they went to just gluing the screens in place on newer models, i don't want to deal with it since it's a huge headache in replacement but it definitely is more physically solid and a better moisture seal

@owashii tbh the problem is the newer glass imo, from the 5 they've been using a harder and more brittle formula to better resist scratches and that's fine except that it comes at the cost of being more likely to just shatter outright

i never needed any kind of protection on my 4S, even the time i dropped it on its face and then kicked it down a flight of stairs it was totally fine. the SEs, though, i mean fine as far as being a phone but oh my god the screens are so fragile that it's a real good thing they're easy to replace and spare parts are cheap

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