PSA: moleskines are bullshit btw, they make a big deal but the paper is garbage. for the same price you can get a rhodia with clairefontaine paper that's smooth as silk, or if you like a spiral binding, maruman makes A5s with really beautiful paper that cost like a third of what a moleskine will run you

hey so since this is blowing up why don't y'all check out it's not my soundcloud it's an organization that's doing kickass work to push back on and ameliorate the incredibly regressive cash bail system that's still the law in this town. if you can afford fancy notebooks you can afford to

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@alexis ugh yeah

it feathers, it ghosts, it bleeds through, it's rough, and you pay so much for it you think you're gonna be writing on some paper that's been blessed by the pope himself

@alexis i've given up on pen and paper agendas and have been using tilde cloud's calendar and deck for events/to-do lists

@cdmnky oh yeah no i definitely don't use paper for agendas or significant task lists beyond "ok here's what i do today after lazy bitch time", but for diaries and notes and stuff i won't use anything else

@alexis i've been using those notebooks you see in anime

they're pretty decent, a little small sometimes though

@alexis I've been using the Mead Little Fat Notebooks for years now. They fit in my hand nicely, and in a jacket pocket or my purse, and I use them up before I have to worry about longevity. Before that, I used some brand-X reporter's notebooks that I was getting from Staples. Those also fit the hand nicely, but did not carry as easily due to being far too tall and sticking out.

@WanderingBeekeeper using a fountain pen makes paper quality matter a lot more, since the ink is thinner and flows faster than a rollerball or a ballpoint. i actually do use a tiny moleskine for a pocket notebook since i haven't been able to find anything with decent paper in the same size, but it's okay for a pocket notebook to be lousy since it's all just shopping lists and phone numbers and like that anyway lol

@alexis a fair point. I used to use a cartridge pen, but switched to a fine point after being given a set of wooden barrel pens that used Cross refills. I like the feel of the wood, and the soft rubberized grip, and I don't have as many smudges and smears from using too much pressure or dawdling with the pen on the paper or ink accumulating at the point like it does with a medium point roller. Also I washed my last Parker cartridge pen in my trouser pocket and it never worked again.

@alexis as far as daybook / zibaldone content, I use Carnet on my phone, part of the NextCloud platform. It replaces Google Keep quite readily, and handles my shopping list, books TBR, and all the other lists I have to carry around.

@WanderingBeekeeper i've never tried zibaldone but it sounds delicious! i gave up keeping any of that stuff electronically, i don't need to share it and phone keyboards are terrible

@alexis heh, zibaldone is an archaic word for what is nowadays called a bullet journal or daybook. I picked up the term when I was writing a steampunk ttrpg. Getting hold of someone's zibaldone in those days was like getting hold of their phone nowadays, a wealth of personal information if you could unlock it. Amateur cryptography was much more prevalent. Newspapers would publish codebreaking games on the same page with the crossword puzzle.

@WanderingBeekeeper eh, i'd tend to think of a zibaldone more as a commonplace book than a diary just based on the name, although i like thinking about it as a notional dessert equivalent of pasta alla puttanesca more than either

@WanderingBeekeeper fair! fountains definitely do need a little more love, but for me that's part of the fun. and i ended up with a pilot decimo, which is clicky and so really convenient, and just clips to my shirt so i never have to worry about it getting laundered

@alexis Lately I'm a big fan of the spiral-bound Rhodia notebooks that are 21 cm square with dot grid pages. rhodia - can confirm.

Have been using a Mnemosyne spiral for several years as my bullet journal (1 every 6 months), quite nice, good price.

@alexis I've been tempted to buy moleskines before and I'm glad you posted this so I can feel justified in my purchases of actually good stuff.


Nice paper is a dream.

Yah nice paper is expensive but I'd argue its one of the most affordable but wonderful luxuries.

Writing on Tomoe River is like levitating.

@Ethancdavenport i usually get them from goulet or jetpens, both are super chill also fuck amazon

@alexis There's also "Rite in the Rain" notebooks, if moisture is a concern and you don't mind limiting your selection of writing implements somewhat. 👍


Mastodon: come for the revolution, stay for the seminar about quality papers. ✒️

@alexis I also vouch for Apica, but their notebooks are kinda hard to find, and they're usually more expensive too :blobcatReachSad: there used to be a whole DIY moleskine community that called the homemade ones hedgehogs. Sadly it seems to have completely evaporated. But yeah I agree. Buy other brands or make your own (for a while I was making my own pocket size notebooks from a few sheets of paper folded, cut, and sewn to a cardstock cover. Not quite generic moleskines but could be assembled in minutes.

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