thinking about how wild old time taxonomists must've been while i read about
- the "complicated paper wasp" (P. perplexus)
- the "shouting paper wasp" (P. exclamans)
- the "rhythmic paper wasp" (P. metricus)
- the "look it's just been a lot lately okay paper wasp" (P. instabilis)
- the "yes ma'am paper wasp" (P. dominula)
- the "big paper wasp" (P. major)
- the "chill paper wasp" (P. pacificus)
- the "canadian paper wasp" (P. canadensis, only found in arizona)
- the "come to the nest in the next literally ever if you want an ass kicking paper wasp" (P. bellicosus)

also, from genus Vespa (the true hornets), we have:
- the "asshole hornet" (V. analis)

and tbh that's enough

(common name: "yellow-vented hornet". so, yeah, taxonomists,)

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@alexis this is the kind of learning we need in our schools today

@cdmnky i mean if i were going to have a waspsona she'd be P. fuscatus i mean look at these colors (cw: wasp)

(also P. dominula, like A. mellifera, originates from europe and is invasive here, and tends to outcompete native polistids pretty easily. so it's kinda hard to want to embody that, i mean i don't hold it against them since it's not like it's their fault but all the same i tend to favor native polistids just generally)

@LilyVers ironically, the asshole hornet is probably the chillest of the true hornets

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