tomorrow's going to be the real struggle

(also: noticed the rss links are broken, fixing that now, ruby is awful, computers is bad)


(btw i have literally never played an MMO so that's practically a guarantee that i have no idea what i'm talking about with any of these mechanics. are there even like, turn based MMOs at all?)

@alexis there's pokeMMO that's turn based kinda i guess

@alexis (it's literally just an open world server that joins ripped roms of the pokemon games together in one world)

@alexis hangin' in there, just started adhd meds today and i feel completely different,,,

@cdmnky good to hear! (provisionally ofc, hoping the change turns out well!)

There is a list here.

I have played Trase Wars, Falcon's Eye, Utopia and Planetarion if you need to know more about these games as a playing experience.

That list isn't exhaustive btw, I can think of some other examples.

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