"why keep a paper diary when bytes are so much more durable?" well,

love to check the mailbox and find jeff bezos just crying his beady little eyes out in there

well, if i do end up getting a pair of dress boots, i feel like,

boots before during and after 

i need a bigger machine vise tbh, also new soles on these boots pretty soon. also maybe parade polish and a new pair of boots for dress wear? if i'm going to make this a regular part of my life again?? We'll See

(the heat gun was a solid play though, wouldn't have got these looking so nice so fast without it)

pictured: a stag trying to start a conversation about ansel adams and group f/64 at what would be the worst possible time if such a conversation could ever exist in a time that was not the worst possible time

re: vore tournament, probably you can just assume the entire thread is nsfw 

some fun stuff happening here in multiplayer options

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vore tournament, probably you can just assume the entire thread is nsfw 

i thought it was multiplayer only but apparently it has a campaign mode which from the description has a real Unreal vibe?

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WHAT is this SEED

(also the ninja suit drops from skeletons)

(also i found the greatsword in the chapel)

(also i found milican's sword right after the manticore fight)

(also the seed is 1604168496)

uspol, cringe, birdsite 

in case you were wondering whether my local election board was or was not composed entirely of boomers

ah, a standard type of crab tf device from, noted mad science R&D firm thomson electronics,

john de lancie as "q" from the classic star trek TNG episode "star trek: borg" (windows 3.1/95/98, 1998) (cw: ec)

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