happy diopter dial hopes you are having a good morning, and reminds you that you've got this!

pffffhahaha this app is having the best kind of problem right now

showing souvka how it's done 

when that cute dog turns around and you see That Sub Woofer

it's definitely going to take some additional Whole Stuff to actually be able to *sell* these skirts etc, huh

i did just order a one-off pair of the shorts just to see what their materials, quality etc is like. but it's not nearly so turnkey as doing shirts and stuff off redbubble, which i guess makes sense??

no one can be told what the fediverse is. you have to see it for yourself

photo, bee 

Turns out all that time I spent getting lowkey bullied by a bald-faced hornet the other day wasn't *entirely* wasted...


Well, I got the dark version of the map done, and got *most* of the shop setup done too. You can now buy shirts, stickers, hoodies, and some other stuff with the Solar System transit map on it, in both light *and* dark backgrounds!

(also: now with fixed geostationary orbit altitude, previously it was the SMA and thus measured from the center of the planet, while altitude is properly the height above the surface. apologies for any navigational mishaps that resulted from this error! please contact our liability department, it'll give our lawyers something to do besides filing their teeth to points and kissing each other)

I'm still not trying to get paid with this stuff. I've adjusted the pricing on all items to include a 20% markup over cost. All of that 20% will go to the Job Opportunities Task Force's Community Bail Fund: jotf.org/ to support the good work they're doing in my town.

I'll be posting receipts for those donations as I make them, which I expect I probably won't have to do more often than monthly because I'm terrible at promotion lol

Get in here: redbubble.com/people/lexie-mar

Oh, and here's that preview I promised you:

jumping spider photos 

not sure what kind of friend this is! but was very polite about putting up with us fumbling around them with our camera

(cc @nev )

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