insect photo; covid-19, pers (+) 

video, cartoon ec, maybe spooky 

finally figured out how to fill that empty corner on our writing gnu/chromebook: eurostile bold extended, of course!

well, the hand coloring didn't work out so great, probably we should print color first next time

also we'd never stick this in a deck, especially with the lettering stuck on the shutter

still, came out kinda cool we guess? it's just stick on vinyl instead of letraset, but hey, for a first try, we feel like it's not the worst

Have a Law-Abiding Happy New Year with the Straight Villain Pride Flag! 

speaking of reet adjacent topics (risqué furry illustration ec) 


still good y'all!! 2020 is the year of minidisc's resurgence, fucken callin it right now

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