jumping spider photos 

not sure what kind of friend this is! but was very polite about putting up with us fumbling around them with our camera

(cc @nev )

lexie's on her wasprider bullshit again (fun facts about wasps and another picture!) 

- how do we know this wasp is a girl? it's easy: we can tell because her abdomen has six segments, where male wasps have seven!

- how can you tell a wasp's general age and state of health? mostly by their wings: as they age, their wings get nicked and chipped at the tips and edges. this wasp is likely in early middle age, and is carrying no obvious parasites or illnesses; aside from the missing antenna, she's in excellent shape!

- what do wasps eat, anyway? depends on the wasp! most kinds of paper wasps, including this one, eat mostly nectar, and hunt soft-bodied insects like caterpillars less for their own nutrition and more to bring home in their crops to feed larvae in the nest. in exchange, the larvae secrete a fluid rich in amino acids that helps keep the adult wasps healthy!

- what good are wasps, anyway? ooh lots! they eat lots of tree caterpillars that are super harmful to trees when they don't have predators keeping them in check, and their nectaring habit makes them an important pollinator for a lot of plant species that bees often can't or don't visit!

pictured is an individual of a closely related paper wasp species, Polistes annularis, nectaring from some queen anne's lace in the scrub alongside a railroad track. see what you can figure out just by looking!

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lexie's on her wasprider bullshit again (picture of a hunting wasp in this one) 

also of note, antenna care is among the most delicate tasks of any wasprider, the antennae being the extremely sensitive organs they are. they serve a wasp as ears do bipeds, detecting tiny vibrations and transducing them into sensory input, and overly rough contact is likewise felt as we would feel someone shouting at close range

pictured here: an example of how a wasp of more ordinary size uses these perceptive limbs in aid of what ultimately proved a highly successful hunt

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D/s shitpost, the most cursèd poast we have ever poasted 

dominos look it was weird already before but what the fUCK

probably should've frothed it longer. anyway this has been redneck tiktok please like and subscribe or whatever i gotta go clean my kitchen

wow this tastes like shit. what are those influencer dorks doing. just drink regular coffee it's way. easier too,

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like all the most promising projects, this one started with a rubber mallet and vibrates wildly at speed

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