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Hi White People! I want to tell you something. It's the second week since the explosion of this round of protests. The second week since George Floyd's snuff film started being broadcast all over.
I want to tell you something about my experience with white progressive backlash.


The point of fighting white supremacy is not to make people like you or think you're a good person when they see you.

The point is to achieve the material endgoal of saving black lives from state and non-state violence, fatal and non-fatal.

And probably you're gonna be the only person who knows what you did to contribute to that. Hold it for yourself. It's not about you. You have to genuinely care about achieving that goal. That's the point. That's your reward. People don't get killed.

This post is for the white people I'm seeing making posts like "you don't know what work I do offline don't judge me for not posting about BLM enough"

1. Has anyone individually said to YOU that they think YOU aren't posting enough? Or are you just projecting?

2. This is called being stereotyped. There's nothing you can do that will make it so random strangers will see you and immediately know you're a Good Ally.

Black people (and others) deal with far more dangerous stereotyping than that.

@pagrus tbh all of these are best Take On Me

track 5 identifies as cheery smooth demipunk and is out here living their best life as hard as they can

track 6 identifies as hard af headbang punk and absolutely could not give less of a fuck what anyone thinks

they're themfriends

everyone involved with track 15 is very pleased with themselves and we are delighted for all of them

track 16 is just the studio version of the original track, which seems like a solid finish

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track 15: clearly live. spoons, claps, piano accordion, maybe some kind of tin whistle. very enthusiastic and a little tiring

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...and lyrics in a language which we are unable to identify

it keeps wavering between synthwave and some flavor of club we've never heard, this is awesome tbh

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...also live

who was this wild collector of live take on me covers who lived in this house before we did

track 14: super synthwavey with lots of distortion in the harmony voices

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wait, that's not a piano, that's a guitar

what. they're both stringed instruments, it's a natural mistake

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track 12: it's literally just track 11 but with reverb and whatever you call it when you overdub yourself a bunch of times to make a chorus

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track 11: yep, still take on me. this one's kurt cobain and a piano

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track 9 was a live cover??? but extremely well mic'd

aaaand track 10 is, yes, another cover. this one is bitcrushed chiptune

why are there this many covers of "take on me", is the real question here

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update: track 9, too

sort of like super chill billie eilish?

someone who lived here in the past was super into "take on me" apparently

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so we found this CDR between two disused shelves in a room of this house that we're just getting around to setting up

so far, in the first 8 of 16 tracks, there are at least three covers of a-ha's "take on me", one reminiscent of kate bush, one styled like idk kinda mid 2000s high school movie pop idk?, and one that's oddly wistful a cappella with ukulele accompaniment

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