national holiday groaning 

@anarchiv sssssshh don't say that where the americans can hear

get you a girl who, if you falter in the deep places below the earth, will grab you by the throat and whisper that you needn't fear the dark, because you are with her, and she is what the dark is afraid of

except it's again close to 2000

if you enjoyed "Tails" from last week, then i can happily recommend to your attention today's new short work, "Tails"

@cdmnky uh sure! i mean, is that weird to say? idk maybe just an emojo, wait no those have mushy semiosis, what do i do aaaaaaaaaaa


@cdmnky do you know is there like a good "how to get started" for this stuff? it seems like a useful thing to know how to do but i have very little idea what is actually involved

is an especially inapplicable description today apparently

this one is a little personal to me, i made it out of my past, and while none of these "500 words every day" pieces are quite as they would be with the benefit of reflection and editing, i think this one is the closest yet to coming out as i wanted it to going in

thinking about twitter again (ie: twitter, again)

for someone who was last on twitter in like mid 2018, is there a good short overview of all the things that newly suck about twitter since then? kind of an anti-changelog?

"Consulting Hauntologist"

kind of struggling toward the voice i wanted for this and i don't think i really got there. there might well be a next time! maybe it'll be easier then

so, is it just me, or has this got to be kind of a quieter place since i've been away

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