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go happily back to bed and join the don't move merriment

Quick programming note: I've updated the ending of this story to be more in line with the tone I like to strike for myself, and I honestly like it a lot more. The new version is live, the old one is available here if you're curious:

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if you haven't seen the thread of bodybuilders arguing about how many days there are in a week before, Please do yourself a favour and read it, i swear to fuck every single time i go through it i nearly throw up laughing so hard

[CW for r-slurs]

selfie, ec, boosts (+) 

To follow several interacting plot lines, the film makes use of the multi-narrative "@hyperlink cinema" style, popularized in several of Soderbergh's films.

poked at some news today and found a whole new york times post that literally is just a recap of a saturday night live episode

and people say blogging is dead 🙄

@Squiddy @velexiraptor bionicle were dolls for little girls who couldn’t have any other dolls.

a range of fully customizable “action figures” you can make your own accessories for with elaborate, engaging lore established in games, comics, and cartoons? that’s dolls, folks. like tell me how that’s different from barbie, i’ll wait. you can’t tho because they’re the same.

you hate twitter but not enough to not fucking use it!!!

idgaf if you use twitter or whatever but don't come here and shit up mastodon just to complain about twitter and then immediately leave again

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i kinda want to do a thread on hakka walled villages cause They're The Shit but whenever i try to sequence more than four words together my brain starts turning to sludge so just go look them up and then pretend i told you about them ok, they're really fucking cool

Well, it'd be weird not to do a #mastomonday post, since this place has been part of and inspired just an incredible amount of creative work from me over the past year and change. The Fediverse has been part of what's probably the most creative time in my life so far. Since August 2018, I've made:

- Fluency, a programming language (
- msync, a Mastodon client for unreliable and slow network connections ( I'm using it to make this post!
- A lot of writing, both erotic and not, mostly published at, including:
- Kicking off queer villain pride and cape kink ( and
- Creating the Office of Consensus Maintenance, an original secret government organization a la Men In Black/Gravity Falls/Look Around You/etc. (
- The ongoing worldbuilding around a certain living piece of information named Grace
- A whole bunch of real good smut, especially if you're into hypnosis and transformation and stuff.
- Just so many good, good friends <3

monsterfucker perspective re: pellets guy caviar thread, cursed food, #MastoMonday 

pellets guy caviar thread, cursed food, #MastoMonday 

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uspol, bad twitter bio, kamala supporters behaving badly 

there's a somewhat-snarky-somewhat-true thing that's been floating around in my head in relation to this, basically "why don't allistics have a theory of mind"

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symphony of the night 

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