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rise of the skywalker 

just saw it and tbh we're not sure what all the hate was about. it was hilarious all the way through with lots of special effects and really what more can you expect from a star war than that

In no particular order, I wanna give a huge shoutout and thanks to @FirstProgenitor, @heyheather, and @Marbles for these commissions of the lost Linux Fox mascot! (pictures are in order of credit and have alt text)

I think they came out awesome, and I'm really glad they all reached out to me!!

in my “there will be blood voice”: i’m finished!!!!

FF7R Discs 1-6 + Jukebox Tracks:

FF7R Disc 7:

thankts to everyone who has been patient about this, i bit off way more than i could chew but god knows that hasn’t fucking stopped me before lol :boost_ok:fixed

not presently qualified to operate a touchscreen. hows your monday

vimeo link; monsterfucky; semi-lewd 

please look at this very cute and normal patreon promo I did

"vs code" is such a weird name for an editor like. yeah sometimes it's a fight but is that really what we want to be going for right up front?

thanks allergies. valid and important to decide that, because we spent a few hours outside yesterday, it is now time to cough and sneeze up every air we breathed in the last week because there might be a poison. thank you for your service

imagine getting so bent out of shape you ragequit a website and write a blog about how not owned you are because people said "shut up wesley" at you

cool to wake up and immediately follow up on epidemiological claims made by our dreams

robberflies do not, in fact, transmit polio

what search algorithm did the three wise men use to find the baby jesus 


jumping spider photos 

not sure what kind of friend this is! but was very polite about putting up with us fumbling around them with our camera

(cc @nev )

@Ophillous a payphone repairman who infiltrates leftist orgs is a coin tel pro

life ~+, wasps & spiders (but no pictures) 

yardwork with the reel mower remains an exercise in misery as we are physically still far from all we should be. but we did get the front done, sorta kinda, admittedly it was sloppy work but on the other hand we should've probably not eaten immediately beforehand oh well

we did, however, afterward happen to see a V. squamosa (southern yellowjacket) queen hovering low over the ground, either looking for a site on which to start a nest of her own or looking for an eastern yellowjacket nest to parasitize

would've liked to get a picture, and we did get fairly close, but an incautious move on our part sent her whizzing thataway and we couldn't find her again. still very nice to see

and we did get what we think are some very good pictures of a jumping spider who was hanging out between the back door and the screen door! so that was also nice

Randomly delighted by the design and presentation of the Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice series of home computers from the mid 1980s.

Along with Melissa Joan Hart's performance in Clarissa Explains It All, this solidified my belief that this is what the typical computer programmer looked like.

absurd food 

@anarchiv The Ant carries the Michelin stars back into the kitchen

that's how restaurants get them

it just needs to check you're not made of tyres

Google memories (1/x) 

y'all going to laugh, but I really believed it. I drank the kool-aid. this was the mid-00s, a tech company with a motto "don't be evil" still felt daring rather than cringe – for an alienated techie like past me, at least; my politically aware friends tried to warn me; but I didn't realise that Google leveraged its fine-tuned advertising machinery also for recruiting, and I swallowed the whole thing.

it's all just too much and we all talk about how it's too much, how there's too much going on and we just want a break. but on a fundamental level i don't think any of us are forgiving ourselves for failing to manage it all

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LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 4/4 


This has led to a ridiculously powerful aura that permeates every single wall, corner, alleyway of Seattle: The Amazons, and the dwindling queer bottom community that is slowly being crushed and chased away by the increasing cost of living caused by Amazon and the gentrification also caused by Amazon. Every year, the raves get smaller. Every year, new huge buildings are built downtown; GIANT apartment complexes that we will never be able to afford. Only Amazon employees can afford them.. Why do you think Amazon helped pay for the construction?

This is PURPOSEFUL. Amazon purposefully overpays its' tech employees (not the warehouse ones or any of the ones we could easily get, of course) and then claims that they're "treating their employees better than anyone else." They pass it off as being extra ethical when they are, in fact, purposefully creating class traitors.

This is the Dr. Seuss story.. Those with stars, and those without.

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