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@alexis And when you bring your whole self to work, they go "no, not that self"

re: basic hygiene / reproductive health PSA, smdh that should I even have to mention this 

@alexis I believe I should express my deepest gratitude to you

(just to be clear this is a shitpost. but still die mad bros)

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seriously, we gotta be nicer as a community to our trans bros.
to be clear, so nobody can mischaracterise what i'm saying here, i don't mean give them a free pass for bad behaviour, i do mean don't always do these low blows all the time where we blame them for the shit cis men do

do you think that trans men are out there living like your dads and douchey exes and creepy bosses?? like do you think we're all just Having Fun With The Lads, escaping the difficulties that come with being feminine or trans or queer?? that we do not continue to experience various mixed up forms of sexism, transphobia and homophobia regularly?? like you think we're out here being men cause it's a fun easy way to cheat the system??

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The Internet, via the mechanism of google search, tells me that the phrase "lazy bitch jail", as i have used it today and previously, is a novel and original work by me, alexis marie "saturday" wright. this toot constitutes documentation for the purpose of explicitly declaring and claiming copyright under the berne convention, as of the date and time at which the toot is made

i hereby declare the aforesaid phrase freely usable under the terms of CC-NC-SA 4.0, with no warranty including any implied warranty of merchantability, and with the specific additional restriction that this license applies only to such usage of the phrase as is performed by someone who IS NOT BOTH 1) heterosexual and 2) cisgender

should you wish to use this phrase despite failing to qualify for free use under the terms of the license described above, please contact me via direct message here on mastodon dot gov to discuss permissible usage terms and fees

should you wish to use this phrase in violation of the above terms, please make publicly available the contact details of your general counsel or other representative authorized to accept service of process on your behalf

oh, and die mad bros

waaaaa the worst thing about the day after a sleepless night is that lazy bitch jail is forever

i mean yes i cleaned most of a bathroom earlier but that's whatever and also in the past. right now i'm whining about not wanting to cook waaaaaaa

Can y'all stop boosting someone with the username "horsefucker" into my home feed for 5 MINUTES

trans masc people: the community has a problem with unfairly associating us with toxic masculinity and talking over u--
The Community: that's actually not true and have you considered you think that because you're toxically masculine

@ghost_bird trans masc discourse needs whatever trans masculine people say it does. the literal central problem with our ""discourse"" is currently and has been almost forever that trans masculine people are an invisible part of the community and our voices don't get heard. regardless of how salient you think your point is unless it's been informed directly by trans masc people it's literally a part of the problem

"bring your whole self to work" they say, as if they could afford it

If you're not familiar with tangents in composition I highly recommend reading about it so you can make a conscious effort to avoid them

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being a provider or a protector is also incredibly powerful. to assume that my definition of being a provider or a protector involves being a straight man, domineering a poor repressed woman and our children i don't pay enough attention to is pretty heteronormative and a bit ableist. i actually have a partner with various disabilities who talks often about how much they would love to be my housewife, because work is unpleasant and stressful for them and they get joy and satisfaction elsewhere

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there are many ways of and reasons for doing make up and dressing up that have absolutely nothing to do with the male gaze, or being socially pressured to cater to it. when i say "i love socializing with men" i dont mean toxic groups of cishet men, i largely mean "i love socializing with other trans, queer & gnc men". being a parent and taking care of a home are two incredibly important and powerful things to do. that there are people out there who enjoy that and freely choose 2 do it is amazing

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hot take: if you're a trans person's parent you don't get to do the "i pay your rent, do what i say" thing

if you really want to bring receipts into it we can take a few hours to dive into the lifetime cost of being trans including medically necessary surgical intervention and see how much of that you're paying as recompense for that little genetic mixup you had a couple decades ago

i'll go get my calculator, you go get your checkbook

There is an entire system of cultural pressures which restrict us from being the inherently playful animals we really are deep down. Life isn't supposed to be boring and terrible just because you've grown up.

Enjoy things. Be weird.

• birds are not susceptible to capsaicin
• birds are basically dinosaurs
• so dinosaurs were not susceptible to capsaicin
• so dinosaurs could not use hot peppers in their cuisine for their "heat"
• so dinosaur cuisine probably relied more on black pepper and sharp acidic flavors for heat

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