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putin isn't stepping down, at least not yet. it's a claim from one dude with no significant affiliation and a lot of wish fulfillment kremlinology by the new york post, y'all take a deep breath and chill

brb just inventing a species of giant parasitoid eusocial murder hobos to flex on the OSR community

thinking about that time a preacher spent a lot of time trying to warn me about the homosexuality in my heart and how it'd tempt me to turn to satan

like, on one hand it was kinda traumatizing but also once I came out of the closet I found out that he wasn't wrong, i do have a LOT of homosexuality in my heart and I wanna fuck demons now, so, like, I gotta give him a point there

uspol, shitpost 

thank you tumblr for summing this up more succinctly than i ever could

possibly slightly spicy gender take 

masculinity is not parallel to whiteness in that rejecting it is a necessary part of becoming radicalized

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cancelled but like postage, somebody thumped me on the forehead with a rubber stamp and now a bunch of collectors are bidding on

look. i didn't *mean* this to swerve into weird horny, no one is driving the lexie bus today

re: vore tournament, probably you can just assume the entire thread is nsfw 

some fun stuff happening here in multiplayer options

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vore tournament, probably you can just assume the entire thread is nsfw 

i thought it was multiplayer only but apparently it has a campaign mode which from the description has a real Unreal vibe?

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me: *finds out about an indie castlevania-like that sounds super legit and lots of fun to play*

me: time to try vore tournament i guess. for a bit

lewd adjacent very shitpost 

reappropriating "hyperinflation" from economics, the unhorniest science

Hi friends. If you're a US eligible voter, your choices today will have real impacts: not just on the presidential race, but in the senate, house, your state legislature, your courts, your city, your schools. Your choices set policy. Your choices affect lives.

If you haven't voted yet, get to the polls. Go now.

like, the idea that Great Old Ones and humans could find a modus vivendi is foreclosed in the laundry canon by the deliberate inclusion of garmonbozia as the most potent possible fuel for magic

and yeah, like. if that's axiomatic, then sure, you're not going to be able to imagine that kind of interaction as being anything other than hideous, which is very evidently true of stross because that's the only way he ever portrays it

but like. maybe *don't* do that? try to imagine a universe in which the most powerful force *isn't* fear? maybe try to grow *past* the motivations of your source material instead of, you know, rolling around in them?

idk just a thought

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honestly the entire theme of "the only true superpower is being evil, and the more evil you are, the stronger you get" should have been a gigantic red flag, and it's been present since the very first book

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stross, nuance 

okay okay i do have to admit if i'm going to be completely honest with myself that i really like him making Cthulhu a giant alien wasp, but like, it still pisses me off that i wasn't *supposed* to like that, and also for the same reason that the canon treatment of xenomorphs pisses me off

@alexis @violet yes! we absolutely can! "billionaires bad but everyone just accepts this and the world order stays where it is, even during the magic singularity" is fucking depressing!

@alexis @violet if he was setting up for a moral fable with a bad end, he should have pulled the trigger on it several books ago, but here's the thing: he already wrote "A Colder War", and another one with billionaires instead of governments is unnecessary

let's be real though, since "equoid" (which, if you haven't, seriously fucking don't. i'm not even going to CW it because the CWs themselves Would Be A Problem) i've been increasingly of the opinion that stross is basically just Lovecraft Again

like, he's got nothing new or valuable to say at this point in the "how do we rework this stuff to keep the good parts and ditch the copious garbage" conversation, it has developed well beyond him and he hasn't been keeping up for a long time if ever

(tbh thinking back i doubt i'd even have enjoyed the early stuff if i had not been at that time a strong BOFH fan on account of being in a not wholly dissimilar job and dealing with a lot of the same kinds of problems. it's easy these days to overlook how much stross borrowed from travaglia back then, which is kinda sad when you consider that travaglia's only ever purported to write an occasional column for vicarious stress relief among overloaded sysadmins)

and like, i get that stross probably doesn't feel like he's carrying the same kinds of prejudices and consequent perceptual voids that lovecraft did, but that doesn't mean he's *not* doing that, and it's probably not too unfair to say that his heavy neoliberal bias is this century's equivalent of lovecraft's own overheated, absurd traditionalism

in that perspective i'm still surprised that stross seems to have swerved off the cliff so fast and so hard, i was expecting more of a gradual decline into increasingly intolerable senescence. but like, his whole concept of horror is so strongly built around the same things that lovecraft's was, that it doesn't feel like a surprise he should be totally unable to imagine a world which both has room for genuine novelties in human experience (other than those mediated by jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg and friends), and also is not a place of constant soul-rending esoteric warfare and terror

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