@Algot I released Octans v0.2.3, it can now visualize the solutions to the puzzles.

- github.com/andinus/octans/

Hi @Algot,

I released Octans v0.1.0, I implemented the new algorithm as discussed here: tilde.zone/@andinus/1055598550

It's a lot faster now & I improved the output to return the solution grid. Also, this was my first upload to CPAN (collection of + modules).

And it found 10 solutions to this puzzle: mastodon.art/@Algot/1054133121 - asciinema.org/a/385598

You can try this version here: tio.run/##rVnNjuPGEb7rKcqS4pW8

Next step would be to solve each starting position concurrently. I'll implement that some time later along with the CGI script!

Hi @Algot, I wrote a program to solve your Word-search puzzles.

Octans: github.com/andinus/octans

It performs a Depth-First search on all possible matches from the dictionary.


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