@Algot I think it can be used as learning material. I could make the canvas larger, keep the solution on left and the dictionary on right, learners will be able to see how the algorithm is eliminating words, finding a solution.

@Algot I released Octans v0.2.3, it can now visualize the solutions to the puzzles.

- github.com/andinus/octans/

re: Spoilers 

@Algot The document is a bit over-complicated. I adapted it to wordplay.

re: Spoilers 

@Algot :)

I recently made a little thing with Raku and Cairo to visualize maze solving algorithms: github.com/andinus/fornax

I plan to adapt it to wordplay!

The idea is to generate a video solution and also a tool to generate the puzzle image.


Happy New Year :)

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Some time ago I wrote sndio.el, a small package to tweak the #sndio volume levels from #emacs. I haven't used it much tbh because the Ui was clunky.

Today, I've just added a small hydra-like "popup" window and it seems to be much, *much* more useful.


re: Possible answer 

@trebach @Algot seems like there are 3 possible paths.

2 from (dots as paths):
L . A

1 by taking:
L . A

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When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff

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Monday Mumble

For those who are (or might become) fans of Sunday's weekly "Wicked Wonderful Wordies" visual idiom #Puzzles --

There are currently 35 sets of 12 wordies in PDF format available.

Direct your browser to:


Please feel free to share the PDF files with family and friends...even casual acquaintances!

Reminder: a new puzzle will appear here in the fediverse on Sundays...until they run out.

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Another shout out to @andinus
for their effort to help me wrap my head around some software installation issues.

The special news for #Puzzle fans is that the Embroidery puzzle will be better checked ahead of time so I will avoid unplanned double words for the "one-word" Sunday puzzle.

Thanks to all of you who write niche software, and help us more basic users to achieve our goals.


re: Answer 

@Algot Yes, I try to solve it by myself first. I don't reply when I solve it with the program (should I?). But I do check it every week!

> Have you gotten any feedback on the program from anybody.

No, I have only shared it on here.

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I've been using ivy for incremental completion for like half a decade now, and only today I discovered that M-o on an item displays a list of additional actions available for it.

#Emacs seems to be a never-ending story of discovering and learning trivia. Still, my brain likes it. Craves it, almost.

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through #perl (a language) one can do web development (mojolicious), and user interface programming (tk) creating applications; access systems such as databases (dbi) and operating systems (eg. unix user management), do network programming (socket, dns, smtp), and many other really interesting things related to computers (eg. logging, date, automation, orm)

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