i am deeply offended

As you sit in the Adirondack chair in the backyard, an hour after sunset, you fire up a joint and a dissociative disorder.

little cold for this but wtaf.

have some adirondack chairs in back though.


minnesota life: "we've got the fiber hooked up inside, but we'll have to wait until the ground unfreezes to get the fiber line installed to the box"

anyone have suggestions on an interim solution?

practicing my very best Minnesotan with a store employee asking about the roads dontchaknow

was thinking about Stephen Skowronek's presidential time/policy regime stuff yesterday and starting to wonder if Biden isn't the disjunctive president of the Reagan regime.

that is, if Trump already wasn't.

Hi, if you're doing "mutual aid" but you think that putting lit or other materials in with the bag of groceries is "too political," you're probably not doing mutual aid. You're doing saviorist charity shit.

Mutual aid requires political education and conflict with the state.

If you can't even say "we're handing out these items because the state won't and we hate them for it," what are you even doing?

I love how the way @ArlingtonDES@twitter.com clears roadways results in curb cuts being blocked by dirtier and dirtier snow for days.

Thus, wheelchair users are more or less unable to cross the street. It's also really great when you have no choice but to step into a pile of watery muck.

y'all remember the nashville explosion from...2020?

(yes, I know it was approximately a century ago)


at what point do i just give up trying to pay my COBRA bill, @KPMidAtlantic@twitter.com?

have spent roughly 5hrs on hold, standing in line, or emailing over the past week. Went to a medical center in person.

All I wanted were prescription refills.

  1. I hate that OU is moving to the SEC.

maybe we could just swap places with Clemson? They can join the SEC and we can join the ACC or something.

  1. I hate that every is basically "the SEC Championship (Round II)"

naturally just as soon as I got the on, WVU just scored a touchdown.

and now UMN's at 3rd and 16. Go Gophers! 🀦

I, too, have used WordPress.

I really hate seeing this or a 404 on bands/record label sites :/


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