So my bank decided to hold onto my paycheck so fucking long that i got late fees.

And due to an accounting error, i have check coming next paycheck. When I started, they were going to clock me in for me until i was in the system, and then said manager doing that quit for family reasons. And no one else knew to do this. So i missed a large amount of work on my paycheck.

So. Um.

I'm tight for cash this next pay period.

If you wanna throw me some cash here i am

this is a really important article on the danger of exposure to tear gas done by folks in portland after portland cops+homeland security gassed (and continue to gas!!) nonviolent protestors

a perfectly normal thing to do while waiting in line at the grocery store right?

Anybody here using the pinephone as a daily driver, what can it do, vs what can it not do?

Does signal work?

I'm thinking of getting in on the May batch. I need a new phone and I am sick of android bloatware and not having access to important aspects of how my phone works. Is the pinephone a good option for me?

happy world intellectual property day. remember to avoid websites such as libgen, z-lib, or sci-hub to avoid accidentally committing IP theft when getting legal copies of your books and papers

Graduate students at New York University (where I work) are striking for a new contract and (predictably) the admin is playing hardball

If you have a few spare coins, they have a mutual aid fund via OpenCollective:

More info is on their birbsite account:


A web browser is an ftp client with pretensions. Change my mind.

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i am going to slap the shit out of everyone who uses the past tense to refer to Covid-19.

The shutdown of one chinese coal mine stopped around a third of all #bitcoin mining.

Can we now find the other two coal mines, plz?

call to action for today! mass deportation in Berlin 

As more we are pushed into isolation by authoritarian order, as more urgent it becomes to connect the different struggles towards each other.

Today, while the pandemic continues, the german state aims to conduct a mass deportation to #Afghanistan.

If you happen to be in #Berlin, come to the airport BER Terminal 5. Usually deportation starts around 21:00.
A protest is organized to start at 18:00 next to the deport ation prison.
#b0704 #NoBorder #NoNation

more info here:

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