Metro Transit: hey no mask mandate

also Metro Transit: lol, we're running fewer cars for "security" (jk it's operating costs per train)

also Metro Transit: lol we're making service even worse by only running trains every 15 minutes instead of 7 (pre-covid) or 12 (most recent).

this is like... level bullshit.

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are you as upset about Metro Transit reducing light rail service AND reducing the number of cars per train all while fewer folks are wearing masks? Well, they're doing a survey about it.

A public service announcement for you and the loved ones in your life:


End of PSA.

Image is a screencap of this article:

learning the hard way that minneapolis transit data in Apple Maps isn't real time.

2008 called, it wants its GTFS schedule data back, @MetroTransitMN

warning - extreme power levels detected

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

It’s fascinating how many right wing accounts want to defund the police today

uspol shitpost 

to the conservatives freaked out about the fbi raid: my understanding is that if you've done nothing wrong and you comply with their instructions you have nothing to worry about

(stolen from

weird how "back to normal" is just the pandemic continuing with 2 more pandemics added

anyway got on to kvetch about @OReillyMedia:

is it not possible to find a book catalog on their site any more? I just want to look for a book, not sign up for the subscription thing.


hi this a friendly reminder to please not use commercial website providers like weebly or wordpress dot com when setting up a sketchy anarchist site.

consider using! or please ask us for help. we're happy to do it!

This is humble, but it's one of the pieces I've been happiest with! It's made with `stitchcraft`, `ih`, and love <3

re: international relations, economics, work 

here's a link from the economist read more if you want an explanation

and if you're a masochist, try Barry Eichengreen's Exorbitant Privilege:
The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System

or Globalizing Capital (

the former of which can be read in a relaxed afternoon

also, please never ask me about monetary policy I'll scream I swear to god.

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re: international relations, economics, work 

but now that I've been forced to think about it already, the monetary policy trilemma refers to the challenge faced by monetary policy makers in regulating their currency.

They have three fundamental choices:

  1. Free flow of capital, ie., investments made from other countries

  2. a fixed exchange rate vs. other currencies like the US Dollar

  3. autonomous monetary policy, ie., you set central bank interest rates at a level most suitable for your economy

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international relations, economics, work 

didn't have much to talk about with my boss during our weekly meeting because I literally met with him the last day I worked and hadn't gotten to do much this morning.

So, because it was apparently mentioned on the radio, he asked me what the monetary policy trilemma is since I used to study/have a degree in this stuff.

I...did not sleep enough to talk about that this morning.

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